Reactions to Abia Politics and Ngwa Interest


I was having a discussion with one of us the other day and we started wondering what kind of publicity our national conventions receive in Nigeria. We reasoned that all the public relations gains for the Ngwa community that could come from the national conventions should be fully explored. I think we have done a poor job projecting ourselves as serious people, and it is partly responsible for the apparent lack of regard that other groups have on us.

The reasons as to how an individual can wake up one day and declare with shameless boldness an annexation of Aba to Bende lies in how we have conducted ourselves as a subculture in Igbo land. We will be unable to buy Aba back and in fact it is not necessary, but there is a lot we can do to change things for Ndingwa. For instance, the Ngwa National Convention should be marketed in Nigeria. Thanks for the proposal to create the Office of Public Relations, we should be able to issue press releases in the entire Nigeria media, particularly after the convention, encapsulating the remarks of major invitees and other individuals.

At Los Angeles 2002 (oops, New Jersey 2001) where the Minister of Transport was present amongst other dignitaries, we should
have gotten it on the national network news and national papers. Even though the Abia State Radio and Newspaper are "private" we should have submitted press releases. They may refuse, but it should be on record that we tried. It would as well be smart to pay "tips" to get these things out on the media. Given the strategic nature of the real Los Angeles 2002 and the "hemehe" we hope to plan. NNAUSA should be thinking of how to take our conventions to this additional height. The advantages will be great. By the way, I will commence sending you the rest of the pictures from L.A 2002 (oops, NJ 2001). I wanted us to recover a bit from the horror of last week. - Mba Nwakanma


On the historic occasion of the annual Convention of the Ngwa National Association (NNAUSA) holding at Newark, NJ, I am most delighted to send to the President, the National Executive members and the entire membership of NNAUSA, this goodwill message for a most successful convention. I had elaborately planned to be with you at Newark. Unfortunately, political developments in Nigeria make it imperative fo me to be in Abuja during the week beginning 3rd september 2001. I had eargerly looked forward to addressing the Newark Convention and sharing experiences with you.

In sending this goodwill message therefore, it still remains my hope and prayer that the opportunity will again presen itself for me to address you. There are a lot for us to exchange views on: the position of the Ukwa-Ngwa people in Abia State and Nigeria; our common tribulations; our hopes and aspirations; Orji Kalus fradulent administration in Abia State etc etc. In the meantime, suffice it to say that I have publicly declared by preparedness to seek the nomination of my Party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to contest the 2003 gubernatorial election in Abia State.

Todate, I am the only aspirant who has in various forums boldly made such a public declaration. I do so with all seriousness and commitment and I am happy to report to you that my delcaration has received the acclamation of Abians in general and Ukwa-Ngwa peple in particular. Mr. President, may the Almighty God continue to guide and direct NNAUS and its members as we unite to free our fatherland from the most viciou marginalisation ever recorded in the Nigerian Nation. Please share with your members, the Ukwa-Ngwa Communique (attached herewith) of 5th Augus 2001 which has already appeared in various Nigerian national newspapers. Arc. (Chief) Dan Nwankwo, KSC


Once in the life of a people comes a moment for sober reflection and stock taking. This affords them the unique opportunity to flash back on the past, project their minds on the future as well as have a proper understanding and appreciation of the present. The benefit here is that appropriate decisions are invariably based on facts and not on sentiments. I consider this process of appraisal as the approximation of Fanon's declaration: "Every generation must out of its relative obscurity discover its mission, fulfill it or betray it. But when facts are suppressed and sentiments are deliberately contrived as a means of whipping up blind hatred for those who refuse to do our bidding in our quest for hegemony' then the question arise: Where does our personal interest stop and Ngwa Interest begin? Or better still must our personal interest be synonymous' with Ngwa interest? I am of the strong opinion that 'Ngwa Interest' must be subjected to a critical analysis with a view to extricating it from our personal interest and that of our family and our cronies.

I make bold to say that from my experience as a patriotic Ngwa son, the problem of the Ngwaman is fundamentally the handiwork of his kinsman, the Ngwaman. First of all, we have to subject the term 'Ngwa Interest' to an objective and generally accepted definiton. Second, we must subordinate our personal interest, that of our family, and that of our cronies/followers to the Ngwa Interest at all times. It is those who refuse to subordinate their selfish interest to that of the body politic that are the real enemies of Ngwa people. The irony is that they masquerade as the vanguard of the Ngwa cause, and not a few of the otherwise worthy sons of Ngwaland have fallen prey to their ploys.

The controversy engulfing the clamour for the 'Number One' citizen of Abia State has for sometime now assumed a center stage in the political discourse of Abians. The vocal minority within the UKWA-NGWA divide have continued to behave like the impatient proverbial tortoise. I should like to make it clear that as an Ngwaman, I share in their aspiration and hope that we shall have that opportunity one day. But I must place it on record that genuine political aspiration is not synonymous with sentimental dissemination of propaganda and falsehood. I dissociate myself with those threatening fire and brimstone if 'their own' Ngwaman is not on the seat come May 2003. 1 dissociate myself because the protagonists have not laid bare to Ngwa youths, whom they are obviously inviting to commit premature martyrdom, what is their most concealed fear if they do not control the lever of power as soon as the next election comes around.

Truth is bitter, and like surgery it hurts, but ft cures. Do we need a degree in Polibcal Science to realize that it is against ft principles of electoral behaviour to expect the acclaimed, populist, performing government to be disgraced out at the polls? Or are we still under the hypnotic influence of the propaganda that Mr. A will be disqualified or a superior power will stop him, and then "it will be our turn'. Have we ever come to terms with the reality that the governorship election involves all ft electorate in Abia State. It is unfortunate that those who claim to share a common aspiration and hope are often tom apart in bitter antagonism over the approach and timing probably in an effort to shy away from the truth of the matter. I sincerely attribute this gulf in understanding and common purpose to sentiments, deliberate misinformation, and outright lack of genuine' concern for the hapless Ngwaman. It is equally unfortunate that Ngwaland today has been bedeviled by a curious breed, a crop of persons who feed fat by masquerading as Ngwa Vanguards. This set, of people feel threatened that they will fizzle out into oblivion, and become irrelevant should the government actualize its socico-political integration policy which will consign dichotomy to antiquity alongside its demagogues.

Bereft of any intellectually challenging tools of analyses, Abia politcs have been subjected to the pedestrian paradigm of Old-Bande and Ukwa-Ngwa' bipolar system- And population figures have become the fashionable anchor on which we rely while explaining whatever equation that is not balanced to favour the Ngwa (sorry, the UKWA-NGWA). But let us face the fact. Can this bi-polar, traditional approach sufficiently, explain the political behaviour and voter's preference of the electorate in Abia State? And if politics is simply a game of numbers and the UKWA-NGWA geo-polifical zone boast of reasonable advantage, how come that we beg or clamour for an Ngwa governor, and even resort to such primitive antics as intimidation, threats and stigmatization.

Have we ever bothered to ascertain the most important and decisive index on the outcome of any democratic election: the voting population. What is the disposition of the voting population using our geopolitical paradigm of Ukwa-Ngwa and Old Bende. If I may go further, which Ngwa politician has been able to make any reasonable breakthrough into Old-Bende. Besides, have we ever paused to ponder what the unguarded and intemperate utterances of our Ngwa Liberation spokesmen and women have engendered in our Bende brothers. Perhaps the various people inhabiting the geographical area called Old-Bende have never before now found themselves bound together in mutual self discovery and common destiny following blanket threats and mass condemnation of Old-Bende people by Ngwa self appointed leaders and their spokesmen. Or how else can one explain the title of certain political pamphlets. One of such booklets is captioned 'The Ordeal of Ukwa-Ngwa: How Bende People have marginalized Ukwa-Ngwa People since Independence'. Apart from the 'We and Them" hostile mentality which such a caption is bound to intensify, the "chilling story" as the anonymous authors call it was also a kangaroo (convenient selected) story.

I am not convinced if marginalization which is now the buss word of the Ukwa-Ngwa man (whosoever such a person may be) may have ever been mentioned, or allowed to come up for a discourse if we were in an era in which one family in the whole of Ukwa and Ngwa produce the two members of the State Security Council; neither, could we have been 'marginalized' when the Chairman, Abia State Council of Traditional Rulers; Commissioner for Commerce and Industry, Commissioner for Agriculture; and Commissioner for Justice and the State Attorney-General, were in office and from a given catchment area in the, whole of UKWA and Ngwaland. When there was "the need" to set up Caretaker Committees in both Ariaria and Ngwa Road Markets, the best conflict resolution outfits which manned the two largest markets in Abia State originated from a source. HRH, Eze Onwutuebe and Chief Dan Imo both of them loyal subjects to the 'Palace" chaired the two committees because they were the two best hands the Commissioner for Commerce at that time could find throughout Abia State. And the Commissioner, himself, an adopted son of the "Palace" did not see anything "chilling with that story". It is hightime we defined Ngwa Interest. Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu has been barely two years in office, and yet he is being held responsible for appointing Aguiyi Ironsi, as Head of State. It was the governor who elected Okpara as Premier of Eastern Nigeria. Emeka Omeruah; Ebitu Ukiwe; Amadi lkwuechegh, lgboamagh; Ike Nwachukwu; Ndubuisi Kanu; Chijioke Kaja, Dr. Akanu Iblam, Paul Omeruah; Ogbonnaya Onu; Francis Odi; Kalu Idika Kalu- Eme Awa, Paul Omeruah, Chief Ojo Maduekwo; Chief Onyoma Ugochukwu, Eze Ihuoma, Aja Nwachukwu - all these people, and more come from Bende. And that is not all. They held their various appointments courtesy of Governor Orji Uzor Kalu.

No doubt, Abia Charter of Equity was drawn up by Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, the implementation of which must commence with his administration. It is very easy to point accusing fingers, but we tend to forget that as seekers of equity, we ought to approach equity with clean hands.

I thought it would have been fair if we had conceded the fact that the Governor inherited certain obvious imbalances in the civil service, and that you do not redress any imbalance by supplanting it with another injustice, For example, do we expect an assistant director to trample across his seniors such as the deputy directors and the director in order to become a Permanent Secretary because he is from Ukwa-Ngwa.

The present Administration in Abia State is a little over two years while the demagogues of UKWA-NGWA have been very much in power for a very long time, advising and directing military governments. They never tabulated these obvious imbalances which accumulated over the years and present it to the powers that be at the time. They were busy pursuing personal interests be it at Abuja or at Umuahia while Old Bende leaders were pursuing the common interest of their people. They are now seeking re-entry into positions of power by whipping up Ukwa-Ngwa sentiments. I wish them success. The incumbent President of Nigeria is working for his re-election. He is bound to rely on those on the ground, and with strong widespread popular base. We must come to terms with the fact that Obasanjo was not sworn in to fight the "Ngwa cause" that is the cause of the protagonists of YEAAH! and who fed fat on it from Ngwaland without using their closeness to Abacha to draw certain benefits and attention to Ngwaland and Ukwa.

And come to think of it, how ready are we in Ngwaland to wrestle power from the incumbent? Is it not the highest disgrace that unsuspecting Ngwa people with a few Ukwa observers were gathered early August at Ahiaba Okpuala (lsiala-Ngwa North) with the singular motive of publicly humiliating the Deputy Governor? Or how else could one interprete the declaration of Chief Dan Nwankwo as the next governor of Abia State by the grace of Ngwa support, while the Deputy is globe-trotting the worfd to garner the same Ngwa support and solidarity for the same aspiration. How do we expect relevant former deputies such as Dr. Chima Nwafor to take such a ruse. How united are Ngwa "leaders" themselves. What is the relationship between Max Nduaguibe and Enyinnaya Abaribe; what of Tony Enwereuzor versus Dr Bob Nwannunu? What of the Northern Ngwa/Old Obioma Ngwa mutual suspicion. Why is it that if a certain "Crown Prince" of Ngwa extraction is not the head of the legislature then no other Ngwaman should head him. Instead let the post go even to a minority member of the House from outside Ngwaland. Is that what we call "Ngwa Interest?". It is even unfortunate that the real grouse of some of us from Isiala Ngwa over the creation of new local governments was that Old Obioma Ngwa got more than Isiala Ngwa North and South.

There is nothing good from the Obioma-Ngwa man. Objective and independent minded figures from the Old Obioma Ngwa must be stigmatized, so that leadership must always emerge from "Isi" (the head).

Today, Acho Nwakanma is a sell out as propaganda agents of misinformation would want us to believe. Good enough. Truth forcibly buried will by-and-bye heave up especially when those suppressing it must have given ground. Should people like Max Nduaguibe expect trust from me Can he ever square up with me face to face and feel comfortable with clear conscience? Talking of Ngwa Interest, was it not I, Acho Nwakanma who led the late Chief O.C. Nwangwa and Uzoma Eberendu to NEC office at Umuahia and secured the opportunity for the Ngwaman to produce two Senators by influencing the inclusion of Osisioma-Ngwa into Abia Central Constituency, thereby saving Isiala Ngwa North and South from being in minority since the initial drawn up proposal for Abia Central Senatorial Zone was Umuahia North, Umuahia South, lkwuano, Isiala Ngwa North and lsiala-Ngwa South. Are we from Abia Central? In whose interest was our efforts in this regard? Did we have to effect the change with dane guns and matchets or through dialogue and lobby. We ought to have produced two Ngwa Senators in this present dispensation. Perhaps it might be advisable to approach Theo Nkire and he will be in a better position to explain why he could not be elected as Senator; The trouble with Ngwa is Ngwa.

I wish you can persuade the demagogues of Ngwa marginalization to participate in a symposium on Ngwa Marginalization with participants drawn from the two divides of Ngwa schools of thought. I, Acho Nwakanma, from Ohanze, Obingwa obtained my M.Sc in 1984 and worked for two years at the department of Biochemistry as a graduate assistant in the College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Idiaraba, I later joined a Pharmaceutical Company in 1986 and voluntarily resigned following the selfish antics of the Indian owners, I formed my own company and was compelled to return home to be actively involved in politics in 1992 following disturbing lines and cries of helplessness from home such as you are being inundated with today.

You may wish to have my E-mail address. I have not even scratched the tip of the iceberg. It would be most desirable if we could come together and do away with this blocking tactics that prevents you from having the facts from the right shoulder. It is when the horse goes to war, comes back and decided to speak that you can only hear from the horse's mouth. We cannot agitate for power shift to "any Ngwaman" no matter how parochial and vindictive, Any Ngwaman who has the mandate of a party in Nigeria to run should by all means do. But let us be charitable enough to grant others no less an opportunity. If you ask me, the year 2007 would be most realistic. It is near and gives room for preparedness and reciprocal cooperation. Attempting to unseat a performing popular leader by unconventional means will erupt a conflagration and uprising which could turn out a frankenstein fly. The brotherhood of man depends on the manhood of the brother. We should not expect support from Old Bende if one day power swings to us unless we co-operate sufficiently to prove that we who aspire to lead can also be good followers.

Finally, I wish to sound off for now, by quoting General Yakubu Gowon, Nigerian war-time Military Head of State in his recent address at a conference on conflict resolution: "History has shown that dialogue is the supreme therapy even in the worst circumstances. Those who shun dialogue often return to it with their tails between their legs". Most of us; have eyes, but few have the gift of discerning the truth and of thoughtful penetration. May we be open-minded enough to appreciate the hard facts of life, and to realise that no society can subsist without reciprocal concession. When we are manly enough to face reality, our vision will attain a lofty horizon and it shall be well with the Ngwa man. I believe that if you have the truth presented to you undiluted you will not be hesitant in locking out these rip-off men who have whetted your appetite with sentimental falsehood and are now capitalizing on your sentimental disposition to defraud you in the name of Ngwa struggle. The truth of the matter is that we can only go to war with confidence of victory if we have, among other things, a common front.
Thank you, Hon. Eric Acho Nwakanma

Reactions to Abia Politics and Ngwa Interest

Ndekanyi, Hon.Acho Nwakanma's write-up, came through with alot of thought provoking insights.Regardless of which school of thought we belong to,we should not fail to critically exermine the points he made. I do share Mr Nwakanma's oppinion that we should guard against propagandas coming from people who are looking to capture power for selfish reasons. while there might be some politicians with selfish interests, who are whipping up sentiments amongst our people,i believe that our resolve to attain equality in all aspects in Abia state will expose the no-good politicians.
Oneway to address that problem, will be for the people of Ngwa/ukwa to collectively support one candidate.The person who receives that mandate will think twice before embarking on selfish ambitions,afterall four years comes and goes rather quickly. Before i conclude, i will respectfully disagree with Hon.Nwakanma that"we should not expect support from old Bende if one day power swings to us unless we co-operate sufficiently to prove that we who aspire to lead can also be good followers." My disagreement is that if that were to be the case,Ngwa/Ukwa people should and deserve the leadership of Abia State since we have always followed in good standing.I think that people will always hold on to power unless you prove that you want and derserve it.
In conclusion,there is so much to learn from Hon. Nwakanma's article,but we must continue to look forward to the elections of 2003.Ngwa/Ukwa people should be able to appoint and unify around one candidate.When we fail to do that,there will be division amongst us that might make our quest for the leadership of Abia State elusive far beyond 2007. God bless. Chidiadi.

Umunna, Like many of you, I have read Hon. Nwakanma's article. Obviously I don't agree with him about Kalu's performance, but that was not the key issues in this article. You need to read the article one more time. Unless someone during Nuco's meeting tomorrow gives me more defeating facts about this intelligent man, I will not be in a rush to describe this truth nerving article as "THOUGHTLESS", AND ILLOGICAL TRASH. I don't think that we need a rocket scientist to understand that if inec fails to disqualify Mr Kalu for 2003 election that we have an up hill task to unseat him. If he is the nominee from his party, he will have the support of Obasanjo, who also will rely on him to deliver Abia state. It is a political blunder for a group of leaders in Isialangwa to nominate and declare Dan Nwankwo as the next governor at this early stage of the game. We don't need to malign any brother that has a different view from us. To win the 2003 election, you need first, unity, critical strategy, money, and thugs. There are places and time for ranting emotion, no one owes you governorship. By 2007, you have to watch out for Mr Ogbulafor or Maduekwe, then you will realize why he supports ngwa 2003. Ukaibe.

M. Onwumelu
There are probable political experiments that has been tested and proven to be effective else where. Replicated in another place and yet another with effective result. But when they are applied to the fourth locality,it turn out to be a washout. Also are some political experiments that are not tested per se, but remotely applied, yet they are very effective. That is why our people say that "the firewood in some one's locality is what they use as fuel for their cooking.

I usually feel reluctant to post articles on the internet or make newspaper publications because I do not like to arm the unwilling or dwarf the Giant. Nevertheless, a Toddler who is learning to climb, should be prepared for all odds.You do not have to be a political scientist before making a political impact in the society. You do not have to be the political flanboyant K.O Mbadiwe or Zik of blessed memory before you are noticed politically. The Ngwa/Ukwa people have come of age. We are intelligent enough to know that we are being marginalized. Therefore we want to do something about it. We are saying that enough is enough. We know that ' when land disput is handled with bear hands, those who have their Yams will continue to cultivate them' Therefore we will not leave any stone unturned.

There was a political experiment that was remotely applied in the then Anambra state of Nigeria during the second civilian administration. This political formula was masterminded by Chief C.C.Onoh. The details of this formula is known to me and probably to some of you too. But for the nature of this article ,I will not give the details. Nevertheless, this experiment produced the 1st and 2nd Gorvernors that came from the marginalized Wawa people. Ngwa/Ukwa want to take their place on the political setting in Abia state. We are not begging for it. I personally have nothing against any body who wants to run for a second term as Gorvernor of Abia state, if it is the will of the people" No rigging" but for an Ngwa man to open the mouth which he used in eating yam and cocoyam to say that no Ngwa/Ukwa man is qualified for year 2003 Gorvernorship election in Abia is a mere ranting of an Ant and arrant nonsense. I happened to discuss with one of our Ngwa political torn-coat recently. This political boot-licker was telling me that it is a must that Orji Uzor Kalu will coplete his 2nd term as Governor of Abia state then he ' Orji ' will chose any Ngwa/Ukwa man that he considers compitent to contest in year 2007. From my dicuss with him, Orji now has the ability to inflence 70% of Abia electorates. What crossed my mind immediately is ' money passing hands'. Make no mistake about it, most of our people have already been bought over. We have many political sycophants who are our Brothers, Sisters, Uncles and Fathers. Have we been able to caution them? These political Chameleon are parading themselves freely in Ngwa/Ukwa land and no body seems to care. You the Ngwa/Ukwa persons in diaspora should start this political battle from your Fathers compound at the Village. We should talk to those our Uncles, Aunts, Brothers Sisters and Fathers. If this phase of the battle is not copleted, our efforts here will be like battle of the unwilling. Are we ready to fight in that direction? Who amongst us is willing to make this kind of sacrifice? Are you willing to support any Ngwa/Ukwa person who is selected by our people? We should answer all the above questions before we put on our battle gears.

Those of you who read Acho Nwankama's extract, did he mention any thing the Ngwa/Ukwa man has ever done right? Though I agree with him on some issues, however, among all the catalogue of sin he alleged committed by our people NDI NGWA NA UKWA. Which one is he not guilty of? Acho and those like him should shut up their wide mouth and continue with their unpopular stand until they are voted out, come next Abia legislative election. My people I urge you to unit. Put your differences behind and let us work together.It is not enough to stay abroad and talk, it is time for action. Try to put in your best. Remember that united we stand, but divided we fall. "Eruru" the larvae of the snout bettle, Hypara postica ( coleoptera) says that they are many in riuning the Raffia palm tree but their tunnels are different from one another. Let us count on you. Ndeewo nu.
M. Onwumelu.



A lot have been written, said and analysed on the problems of the ÑGWA/UKWA and her peoples, while I do not wish to repeat what have been said severally, I also consider it apposite to digress on some of our immediate past justifying the Ngwa adage that "one who fails to note where the rain began to beat him will not know where it stopped to beat him".
NDINGWA operated an agrarian economy: mainly for subsistence. Consequent on this LAND became the beginning and ends all. Any one who did not distinguish himself either as a powerful farmer, physical prowess as a tiller of the soil or land owner who could do "kwoo kwoorom (a system whereby the landowner gives out some portions of land to another who is less endowed but with physical strength, to cultivate for him and in return he is given some as his reward or price) is disdained and regarded as an efulefu or nwoko nwanyi ka nma.
At the advent of the Europeans (please read western civilization) it became almost an abomination for a blue-blooded Ngwa son or nwafodiala to abandon the ways of his father to embrace the strange culture of nwabekee. The few who did were the indolent ones in the family that were considered not very useful or supernumeraries, and therefore had to be donated to the white man. This was considered as a more humane method than the option of being sold into slavery or used handily in "ime ome". For a more detailed account see: NWANGWA L.C.; EVOLUTION OF CHIEFTAINCY INSTITUTIONS IN NGWALAND; University of Lagos, June 1989.
The Ngwaman and Ngwaland paid dearly for his inability to adapt to changing times as evident today. The attendant cleavages have continued to not only haunt us but also emasculate and asphyxiate our collective psyche in the present scheme of things.

Emasculation and asphyxiation are precursors to anorexia. The fact that we are in a state of political and economic anorexia is not in dispute having been bequeathed thus by our ancien regime. This is why the Ngwaman did not make forays in the world of business/commerce. When it dawned on us to make hay we took to teaching, teaching only within our locality where we can watch our fathers' lands and nkwu la ngwo. The ideal qualification was Higher Elementary pass out. In addition to guarding jealously our ala, nkwu and ngwo we had our local concubines (iko okpuru ulo) who were mostly the young spouses of our senile fathers and uncles to shower our libido on.
Meanwhile, our landless ohuhu neighbours took to adventure thereby making enormous inroads to spheres we considered unimaginable to explore. The Ngwaman will do anything but take economic risk. He prefer being sent to jail for violently challenging his rival in a prurient adventure than be caught smuggling articles of trade or evading payment of custom duty. I stand to be proved wrong.

Before I proceed let me give everybody reading this a mental assignment. Take a cursory look at economic or political development in your villages or community. You will discover that the ones who made break through in quick time were the mbiara mbiara or the landless ones. In my village- Umuomei in the former Mgoko Umuanunu Autonomous community, Obingwa L.G.A. for instance (I will give this example because I believe in removing the log in my eye first before removing that of my neighbour) we have four sections or sub-villages viz. NSULU, NVOSI, NTIGHA and OHUHU. The first three settled earlier hence appropriated all the lands. Ohuhu had no land resources. Outside the little piece they were given by mostly Nvosi and Nsulu to settle on, the rest were parchments given to them by their in-laws so that their wives (daughters of the landowners) will not starve. Surprisingly it was this landless part of the village that built the first zinc houses. While Ntigha and the others were busy chasing will-o-wisp, Ohuhu was busy doing kwoo kwoorom and engaging in long distance trade of all kinds. They infact produced "nde mere ihe ji". Macrocosmically this is Ngwaland for you. Prove me wrong! "ATUORA NWA OHOO YA AHOTA, ATUORA NWAOFEKE YA EFERE GAWA"

Umu nnem la umu nnam, the fault O! Brutus sorry Ndingwa is in us. "Ihie la ahia oru di n'ulo, odigh n'ime oru". Our undoing have been:
"NDI IRI LA WHE GI" (ARE YOU FEEDING ME?) For your notice Charles Nwangwa wants whoever can or will feed him. "ASI WO" (GOSSIP)
The catalogue of our bane is rather endless I will just make few comments bordering on the obvious and go to the menu of the day what I have referred to above as my plan of action.

It is plain truth to say that one of the major things debilitating our liberation is finance, money, ego, ikpeghi, etc. If you take a cursory look of the above you will agree with me that it is almost impossible for us to have made money unless under miraculous circumstances. If you take an economic census of Ndingwa in the United States today, you will notice that 20% are not productively engaged, 60% are taxi drivers, 15% are nurses mostly engaged in the care of the affluent senile, the bedridden or terminally ill patients, 4.9% profitably employed or professionals. Only .1% is a business executive. I have no prejudice for nurses, rather I have my greatest respect for them as they and the taxi drivers are the ones mostly making meaningful impact right home in Ngwaland. I know of a seasoned Ngwa pharmacist in U.S. who was compelled to develop a property in his village after witnessing the giant structure his taxi driver kinsman had constructed. My statistic is not absolute; NNAUSA and NUCO can come to the rescue.

Also take a census of our own in uncle Sam's penitentiary sorry institute, mind you nobody is ever jailed in America rather they go on courses ha ha ha! You may find that hardly any of them is gagged for an effort to expropriate millions of dollars from Americans for further repatriation or appropriation to Ngwaland or evasion of tax and other macro economic or political crimes. You may be surprised that they are there for flimsy and whimsical offences.

When you come to big time barons of any endeavour the Ngwaman is not there. Talk of people that have appropriated state funds, he did not partake. Talk of government contracts, the Ngwaman got non. I hardly know of any industrialist from Ngwaland who grosses $2million annually. Don't misunderstand me; I am not saying that the Ngwaman should engage in big time criminal activity for the sake of making money. What I am saying is why don't him emulate the others and find out what they do. "Njije bu uba" as an Ngwa adage says. If music were the food of love, what happens Je n'est scien pas!

With the Ngwaman's righteousness he is still being scorned and marginalized. Within Ngwaland itself, there is a particular section we call names and term that they are spoiling the good name of Ngwaland, yet each succeeding government have patronized them, the few appointees both at Federal or State level have always come from that particular segment. Why? The answer is not far fetched, they have by commission or omission provided or seen to be capable of providing the wherewithal to lobby at that point in time. Where is your righteousness then?

I am saying without mincing words that Ngwaland has not at any point in its history produced anybody so sinister and dirty like some of the people at the helm of affairs of some State governments in Nigeria today, that we fall over each other to praise and serve. Were some of these people from Ngwaland we would have gone to CNN to dissect and pour putrid on him.

This paper would end perfunctorily if I fail to comment on part of our inherent and ingrained social life, which has in no small way affected our growth and development. Though every society or peoples have their own idiosyncrasies, which could be overlooked that of the NGWA in this regard has hounded progress and cohesion out of our polity that only but the surgeon's knife is now required.

To hit the nail on its head, the NGWAMAN is not humble to his fellow Ngwaman. He hates to serve or go through apprenticeship. The Bende and other Ohuhu groups have an institutionalised culture of apprenticeship and tutelage, which every one of them passes through. Leadership is aided by age grade structure. Each age grade is linked to one another. Instead of unhealthy rivalry among the age grades, each is given specific assignment suiting the very period. NGWALAND is one place where "the Piper dictates the tune to his patron." You will notice that each successful businessman or trader from other parts of Igboland has a master he served under or "boys" that pass through him. Each boy will always remain loyal to his Oga and the Oga will always see to it that his boy becomes successful so he can pride with. In instances where the former boss or master has had a fatal economic loss or adventure for any reason the boys that passed through him have rallied behind such boss or Oga to avoid their master being disgraced or humiliated.

Amongst Ndingwa in America there is visible schism or acerbity between the professionals and the casual labourers or lowly employed. Instead of the less endowed to appreciate the good fortune of his brother, and respect him for his achievement and remain humble to curry his favour and direction, he becomes envious; the next language becomes: "ndi iri la whe gi" "ojiri giri kara m". The higher endowed will then show him that "khaki no be leather". Imagine one who denied himself some good outing to save hard earned dollars for the sponsorship of a kinsman, once the person arrives, say a nurse secure a job with relatively good wage, he absconds from his brother. The next thing he tells them back home how stupid and unwise the brother has been all along.

Lack of central leadership has not helped our cause. We must begin to evolve a leadership structure that will stand the test of time. We must change all these attitudes highlighted above. We have to tell ourselves the bitter truths or else we shall go nowhere. Let us accept these unpalatable truths, only then can we correct ourselves.

I will be peripheral in this segment of this discourse considering the catholic nature of this medium, hoping that it will serve as guidance in mapping out strategies by our ime mkpuke or a Sanhedrin that will be constituted by committed patriots.

A problem is half solved when it is identified. I therefore posit that the following steps should be taken before we become politically, economically and socially extinct.

Ndingwa should start to see himself or herself as endangered specie, a people marked for extinction from the administrative organs of the state. This consciousness should be the ligament to fudge us into a consanguine bond as divided the adversaries win, united we triumph. We must mould ourselves like an arrow that people should fear to rough or mishandle. We must learn or take a cue from the experience and travails of the Jews who today see Jewish irredentism as only next to their religion - Judaism. This will only be the beginning of any meaningful struggle.

In furtherance of Plan A we must sensitise the people, that is tell them the truth on the awry position of Ndingwa today. We must also lay the naked facts before them. I think if the Ngwaman in our different villages should know the fact and figures; he will be even more aggressive than you and me the elites. He will make more commitments in areas you and me will hesitate to. We must be at our wits end to do this. We must borrow the Biafran example in which Ojukwu sensitised the local populace to the extent that the people felt feeding soldiers were more important than feeding their own children. Gladly, our own Ngwa sons were at the forefront of the struggle. Our memory should not be too short to forget Late Brigadier-General Olehi, Captain Ahunanya etc. We must let the Ngwaman know how great he was in the past la adigh ata nti ya ata. We must let him know that his predicament today is a direct response to his policy of siddon look or "ma ano okem ha". He must be made to realize that no group had defeated him in history rather he summarily conquered his enemies and in some cases had them in permanent subjugation, hence the existing peoples the Ngwa found at the nascent stage of their migration was permanently absolved and in the process lost their identity forever. (See NWANGWA op.cit. NWAGURU J.E.N.: Aba and British Rule, NWANGWA O.C.: History of Owoahiafor. University of Nigeria Nsukka 1985. Also see the several works of Dr J.N. Oriji, G.I.C. Eluwa, Urenna Olehi etcetera.) The Aro invasion of Obegu as a reprisal attack on the perceived arrogance of Chief Ananaba was only made possible by the collaboration and acquiescence of his immediate neighbours, like Ihie and Umugo. In actual fact majority of the combatants were Ngwa people. Late Mazi Azuogu Awuda from Nvosi still kept his relic of the battle until his death not too long ago. Azuogu, an Ngwaman was hired to fight against Obegu; historians describe his ilk, as unconscious collaborators. The Ngwa should learn a lesson from history as he has continued to be an unconscious collaborator against his race.

This is a sine qua non to our liberation. I need not emphasize on the efficacy of mass media that will be sympathetic to our cause. The importance of control of mass media for propagation of any peoples cause is underscored by the Jewish example. The Jews today control the international media. Internationally if you have not spoken to CNN you are yet to talk. Who are the owners? A Jew. Can you grant interview to an international print media without recourse to TIME magazine? Who runs it? Jews. Have you forgotten Murdock? Who was he? A Jew. Hence the Jewish struggle sees the light of the day and seeming atrocities are painted as act of defence by a people faced with threat of extermination. We must have our own radio station even if it is only aired in Ngwaland. We must establish a Newspaper with operational headquarters at Aba, Nbawsi and Omoba. If we cannot establish a television station, we must buy airtime or sponsorship of very popular programs or sitcoms that will be sympathetic to the Ngwa cause. The few of us that are handy can start a pilot program and the rest will buy shares, not for profit but as contribution to the cause. If along the line they break even, it becomes a double joy.

The maggot that eats the cola nut lives inside the colanut. Our own brothers have turned into cankerworms eating venomously deep into our flesh and psyche. We must serve them notice. We shall tell it to their face that they are mortgaging Ngwaland and their children's future. They are unconscious collaborators as I did explain above. They either repent or are repainted. Each person must stand up to be counted. We all know them. If you don't know them tell us. We must move these people before they send us to Golgotha.

Please take note I have not suggested that we shall have a militant group that must enforce policies or directives of this struggle. But able-bodied youths must be on hand to sing praises and dance to the sweet music of our persecutors both external and internal.

All through history sovereigns have never had business with docile subjects. Rather, for any reason they are the ones used like rags. People take you serious when you pose a threat to them. I don't want to repeat what I had said in the past, we must collectively register our vehemence on regular bases. We must come against obnoxious legislations aimed at giving us either temporary or permanent incapacitation. Just the other day an imbecile, who was fed with our jiapu, whose taste the waters of Aza River quenched had the temerity to ask what can the Ngwaman do. Ya diwa!

. We must have a cultural revival or renaissance that will bring Ndingwa together. I was reliably informed that members of a particular religious group that has a separate day of worship has contributed in no small measure in suppressing our cultural reawakening, when we ought to relish in their achievements as the parent mission overseas created a lot of opportunities for our people in uncle Sam's enclave. Local dance performances like the Emere nma - a peripatetic dance troupe consisting of young maidens oftentimes-complete virgins that traverse the whole of Ngwaland. This troupe specializes in sonorous songs laden with local idioms etc. We can use them at local levels to send our messages across. Our musicians must translate our struggles in their music. Culture should be used as a vehicle of political change.

Either we adopt one of the existing Ukwa/Ngwa organisations or evolve an umbrella body that we will surrender to the mantle of leadership for our cause. The organisation will be both home and abroad. From the village to the community, the community to the divisional headquarters etc. We must evolve a customized structure that will be commensurate to the needs of the moment.

DIRECTORATE OF PROPAGANDA. Constant distribution of leaflets and other forms of provocative materials. This directorate will be the engine room of the struggle. It should be consisted of seasoned professionals and gifted individuals like orators, songsters and songstresses.

The central working committee will give directive on how this will be achieved.
INTELLIGENCE UNIT. This unit will work in tandem with the Directorate of Strategy and Planning. Details and their modus operandi will have to be worked out.










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