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The Secretary Mr. Kingsley Chigbu ensures that effective records are maintained and administered by:

  • Keeping up-to-date contact details (i.e. names, addresses and telephone numbers) for the management committee and (where relevant) ordinary members of the organisation.
  • Filing minutes and reports
  • Compiling lists of names and addresses that are useful to the organisation, including those of appropriate officials or officers of voluntary organisations.
  • Keeping a record of the organisation’s activities
  • Keeping a diary of future activities

Mr. Kingsley Chigbu helps the organization to upholding all legal requirements by:

  • Acting as custodian of the organisation’s governing documents
  • Checking quorum is present at meetings
  • Ensuring elections are in line with stipulated procedures
  • Ensuring organisation’s activities are in line with its objects
  • Ensuring charity and company law requirements are met (where relevant, unless there is a separate company secretary)
  • Sitting on appraisal, recruitment and disciplinary panels, as required.

During meetings, the secretary makes sure that meeting is effectively organized and minuted by:

  • Liaising with the Chair to plan meetings
  • Receiving agenda items from committee members
  • Circulating agendas and reports
  • Taking minutes (unless there is a minutes secretary)
  • Circulating approved minutes
  • Checking that agreed actions are carried out.

The secretary maintains effective communication internally and externally by:

  • Responding to all committee correspondence
  • filing all committee correspondence received and copies of replies sent
  • keeping a record of any of the organisation’s publications (e.g. leaflets or newsletters) and
  • reporting the activities of the organisation and future programes to members, the press and the public (unless there is an Information or Publicity Officer).
  • Preparing a report of the organisation’s activities for the year, for the Annual General Meeting.


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