How to Establish A Promotional Mix

How to Establish A Promotional Mix

Promoting your product and bringing customers into the business is as important as you set up your business. Taking up promotional activities is the best solution to attract your target audience. There are many types of such activities and when you find the right mix, it is termed as a promotional mix.

The general protocol followed by any promotional mix consists of the following:

  1. Advertising: the most common means of promoting a product is media indulgence called advertisements. It will also be in print medium forms like magazines, newspapers and Another format is the billboards beings displayed in crowded areas and also web-based advertising. This is a non -personal type of activity for promotion as there is no direct dealing between the seller and buyer.
  2. Sales Promotions: we are aware of the discount sale, buy one get one free offer,50 5 off on certain products during a certain period of the year. There are sales promotion techniques that will attract many customers.
  3. Public relations: these are the activities which will deal in promoting publicity and foster the company’s goodwill with a positive image. This will also help in fostering a coverage in media, put up charitable campaigns and host some special events related to the product.
  4. Direct marketing: this is directly aimed at customers in their homes and offices. This concerns to ordering a product, claiming a coupon, making a free phone call or visit the nearby store. Other forms of this mode are catalogues, emails and letters which reach the customer directly.
  5. Personal selling: the simplest form of communication which is just between the buyer and seller which deals in a proper personal involvement of the

Therefore, this kind of activities will deal in making the product in reaching the customers easily.

The need for promotional activities:

When you target audience, taking it to the full extent of bringing their attention can happen only with promotional marketing. This has many methods which will reach many customers, who maybe looking for a chance to purchase these products. The technique is to coordinate the markets to look at your product, you can also specialize in your advertisements and be market specific according to the use of the product.

Hence, it is advised to take time and effort to make the proper promotional mix which can make your business a successful entity.