• July 25, 2012 at 12:08 pm

    As most of you know Mrs.Onwuasoanya has been running a science competition that has won Ngwa students under her tutelage over $29,000 in savings bonds and awards. All they are tasked to do is to identify a problem in the community and solve it using S.T.E.M.

    The NNAUSA president has adopted this model and with that in mind sent Mr. Christopher Onwuasoanya to visit a school that Mrs. Onwuasoanya has reached out to in the past.
    Mr. Onwuasoanya on September 30, 2013 visited Adventist Secondary Technical College in Owerrinta. He met with the Principal Dr. KCK Nwangwa.

    Dr. Nwangwa was presented with some T-Shirts and some items to give the children who successfully completed any S.T.E.M contest that they were assigned.
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    Dr Nwangwa introduced him to the two science teachers and instructed them to give him a tour of the school.

    On his return to the United States, Mr. Onwuasoanya reported his finding to the President Mr. B.O Eguzouwa, who asked him to come up with initiatives to resolve items that he saw as problems or concerns.

    The items reported where:
    1. The school of over 2000 children cooked with firewood
    2. Food waste was not properly disposed and was a health hazard
    3. The school spent a large amount of money on diesel to power generators.

    The NNAUSA President empowered Mr. Onwuasoanya who contacted an NGO based in Uganda that has agreed to supply plans and engineers to supervise the construction of a bio-digester.
    He also contacted an Arizona based NGO that will send two people to Nigeria at their expense to teach the students how to make solar panels and chargers. All they ask is for a place to stay and transportation while in Nigeria.

    The NNAUSA President Mr. BO Eguzouwa approved continuation of arrangements.

    We look forward to this being completed by the end of the first quarter 2014.

    The students will build the Bio-digester, which will digest the waste food and organics and produce methane (for cooking) and slurry as a soil enhancement or liquid fertilizer. The solar panels are self explanatory.

    Please join me in extending thanks to Mrs. Onwuasoanya who planted the seed and to President BO Eguzouwawho recognized that it is within him to empower our people to solve problems that make daily life difficult.

    More information will follow as dates are firmed up.

    If you have a girls school in Ngwa land that can benefit from what is being done with ASTEC, please let us know.

    Together we can make ala ngwa great.

    Christopher J. Onwuasoanya
    Uzoma Nwekpe
    NNAUSA Publicity