Disabled Perm Sec Donates Jamb Forms To Deaf Students

The Permanent Secretary at Zamfara State Agency for Poverty Alleviation (ZAPA), Alhaji Usman Ahmad Nahuche, has donated JAMB forms worth N100,000 to members of Nigerian National Association for the Deaf (NNAD) who are aspiring to further their education.

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Presenting the items at a ceremony in Gusau, Nahuche said the effort is part of his little contribution to the development of education of the disabled in the country.

According to him, education brought him where he is today, and as such, it is imperative for him to assist others to achieve their aims.

While urging the beneficiaries to double their efforts and read hard for the forthcoming examinations, Nahuche said he hoped to make the gesture an annual event.

He said the beneficiaries were drawn from seven states of the federation which include Zamfara, Kwara, Katsina, Oyo and Kaduna States among others. Collecting the items on behalf of his colleagues, Secretary-General of NNAD, Zamfara chapter, Malam Yusuf Muhammad Gusau, said Nahuche’s gesture should be emulated by all persons who are wishing the disabled well. He said the permanent secretary is contributing to the welfare, education and social-well-being of the disabled, adding that Nahuche has set a good precedent as such he should be supported.