20th ANNUAL NNAUSA CONVENTION (September 2-5, 2011)

2011 Convention Video Preview:

Click here to preview a video clip of the Ngwa National Association USA (NNAUSA) Inc.'s 20th Annual Convention at Stamford, Connecticut, USA on September 2-5, 2011, hosted by North New York chapter. You can also get to this video preview on youtube by entering 'NNAUSA' on search.

There are three DVDs in this package.
Disk 1& 2 – Preview, Dances, Cultural Performances and Speeches
Disk 3 – NNAUSA Youths

The regular price for this 3-DVD package is $15.00.

To order:
- Make a check for $15 payable to 'NNAUSA'
- Mail to: Gabe Nwandu, PO Box 56470, Riverside, CA 92517

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


The National President, Dr. Elelenta Nwambuisi Elele and all members of the National Executive wish to thank everyone that contributed in one way or the other to make NNAUSA's 20th National Convention the huge success it was. We thank all our members and guests who came to be part of the historic event this past weekend. We are most grateful to our host Chapter, the Ngwa National Association, North New York (NNANNY) under the leadership of Dr. Anthony Kanu for the most wonderful hospitality given to all of us. Dr. Kanu, you are a silent achiever and God bless you. We also thank the Chairman of the Host Chapter Organizing Committee, Mrs. Ulowandi Nwakanma for a most meticulous planning. Let the success of the event be well-deserved reward for your hard work.

We are very much indebted to the Chairman of the 20th National Convention Planning Committee, Chief Uchendu Njoku and his team for the precise coordination of events. After chairing the planning committee of the successful ADHISCO convention in Houston this past July, everyone was apprehensive that all the energy were gone but from the outcome of the convention, it is now clear that you had not even started. And you did it quietly without attracting attention and the Executive is most grateful to you.

It is every much clear that the 20th National Convention would not have been the momentous success it was without numerous hands in spite of the effort of those I mentioned above. To all the gentle men and women that spent sleepless nights to prepare and organize the convention, to all members of the subcommittees and their leaderships, to all our gracious and selfless performers, to all our on site helpers including those instantly commandeered and they obliged, we remain ever grateful for your willingness to serve ala-Ngwa. Your most precious reward should be the success you achieved in executing the convention.

One can not expect the execution of this type of event without some 'excepts' no matter how the successes may cloud them. To anyone whose unique expectation was not met in one form or the other, to all those inconvenienced by anything whether directly or indirectly related to our planning, we ask you to be understanding of the situation and bear with us. We humbly apologize to you.

Once more, thanks everyone and looking forward to seeing you at St. Louis in 2012.

Alwell Nwankwoala, Ph.D.
General Secretary