19th ANNUAL (2010) NNAUSA CONVENTION (September 3-6, 2010)

Convention Video Preview:

Click here to preview a video clip of the Ngwa National Association USA (NNAUSA) Inc.'s 19th Annual Convention at Baltimore, Maryland, USA on September 3-5, 2010.  You can also get to this video preview on youtube by entering 'NNAUSA' on search.

There are three DVDs in this package.
Disk 1& 2 – Preview, Dances, Cultural Performances and Speeches
Disk 3 – NNAUSA Youths' 10th Year Anniversary celebrations

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1. Mr. Charles Okemkpa - Baltimore (Co Chairman)

2. Mr. Michael Amanahu Baltimore (Co Chairman)

3. Mr. Lewis Nwankpa - NCO New York

4. Mr. John Nwogbe - IZU Ngwa NCT

5. Mr. Mmeze Eronwu - Southern NJ

6. Mr. Alwell Agbara - Southern NJ

7. Mrs. Ulowandi Nwakanma - NNANNY

8. Mr. Nnamdi Oriaku - NNANNY

9. Ms. Chioma Nwokike - Bay Area

10. Mrs. Chidinma Byron - Connecticut

11. Mr. Andy Adiele - Baltimore

12. Mr. Dennis Nwaogwugwu - Philadelphia

13. Mrs. Rosemary Jacob Onwere - Philadelphia

14. Mrs. Innocentia Eronwu - Southern NJ

15. Mrs. Joyce Nguma - Southern NJ

16. Mrs. Patience Nwaokocha - Dallas County

17. Mr. Victor Ahuruonye- NNA USA Cultural Director

Dr. (Mrs.) Stella Kamalu - Executive Liaison


FLYER:  Click here to view and print the flyer

September 8, 2010

The President,
Dr. Nwambuisi Elelenta Elele, and all members of the Executive extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who in one way or the other contributed to the success of the 2010 NNAUSA Convention hosted by the Baltimore Chapter. We owe special appreciation to the leadership of Baltimore Chapter and indeed all their members, both men and women for putting up what could ultimately become a model on how to host a successful Convention. You acted with one heart, one soul, one spirit and worked with one body. The degree of your support and the hard work you implemented in hosting NNAUSA's 19th Convention shall go down in the annals of history. We definitely can not thank you enough but you should take pride on the outcome of your hard work; it was a convention so perfect finish that NNAUSA resident critics are still struggling, digging without success, to find out if there is anything they can say went wrong. And that is more than 72 hours after the event. President Nwambuisi Elelenta Elele has asked me to specifically extend his most eternal gratitude to you all not just for your unconditional support but much more for the enthusiasm and joy with which you went about both the planning and the execution of the convention. According to the President's word, "Baltimore Chapter is indeed their brother's keeper". We definitely know and acknowledge that there would always be room for improvement but you have for sure given us the best.

We also commend the hard work and dedication of members of our National Convention Planning Committee and the leadership of the NNAUSA VP,
Dr. (Mrs) Stella Kamalu in overseeing the convention planning and execution. Your hard work paid up and the entire executive thank you all.  Furthermore, Dr. Elele commends and extends his personal gratitude to all members of the Executive for their personal sacrifices and hard work in the planning and execution of the 2010 Convention.

President Elele also extends his appreciation to the National Council Chair,
Mr. Sunny Nwankpa and his officers, Mr. Kingsley Chigbu (Interim Clerk) and Mr. Emmanuel Ananaba (Parliamentarian) as well as all Council members for the unity of purpose and concerted effort in tackling our Association's problems and those of ala-Ngwa using the opportunity presented by the convention.

The Executive also extend their deep gratitude to all our members and guests for your presence at our 2010 Convention and in particular to all those that supported NNAUSA Charitable projects by their wonderful donations and pledges of support during our fundraising dinner and through out the convention. We give special thanks to
Nze (Dr.)Vincent Nwabeke, the Chairman of NNAUSA's fundraising Committee who also anchored the fundraising activity during the convention. Thank you very much Nze and we continue to look forward to your continuing leadership in this area. We also commend and thank our guest from Baltimore. You supported and donated to us with joy and we indeed enjoyed it. We assure you that your donations shall be put to the tasks to which they were proposed and we all shall reap the rewards multiple folds in the future when the seeds germinate and grow. To all those that pledged but did not find time to write their checks during the convention, please do so today, and by all means, do not wait till tomorrow.

We acknowledge and thank our Special Guests from Nigeria, Hon. Minister Wogu, Senators Nworgu and Abaribe, Former Deputy Governor Comrade Chris Akomas, Members of Abia State Legislative Assembly, Hon Dr. Ikechukwu Nwabeke and Hon. Young Ahamefula Onyeikeh as well as our Ngwa Abia State governorship aspirant, Prince Paul Ikonne. We enjoyed your company and more importantly the opportunity to dialogue on the ills of Ngwaland and our mutual responsibilities in tackling them. NNAUSA shall continue to crave for this type of opportunity in the future.

Once more, thank you to everyone who contributed in one way or the other to make our Labor day weekend in Baltimore that marked NNAUSA's 19th Convention, the treasure it has become and the lasting sweet memory it has left behind. Above all, we thank God and give HIM glory for granting journey mercy to all of us.

Alwell Nwankwoala, Ph.D.
NNAUSA General Secretary