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Ngwa National Association North New York Chapter Motherless Babies’ Foundation, Inc.


The Ngwa National Association North New York Chapter Motherless Babies’ Foundation, Inc., was established on June 10, 2005 to enhance a long existent commitment of the Ngwa National Association North New York Chapter (NNANNY) to the welfare of motherless babies in Ngwa land. In the spring of 2003, NNANNY resolved to be identified with a project that will provide assistance and charitable contributions to motherless babies and motherless babies’ homes in Ngwa land. NNANNY also resolved that a portion of monies/funds realized from the organization’s annual African Cultural Night parties will be donated to the cause of motherless babies. The establishment of the Motherless Babies’ Foundation, Inc., (MBF) therefore, was to further NNANNY’s already existent commitment to the welfare and interest of abandoned and motherless babies. Hence our slogan: a NNANNY for motherless babies.

Ngwa land located in the south eastern area of Nigeria has a significant incidence and occurrence of abandoned and motherless babies. Some babies are abandoned shortly after birth as their mothers lack the financial resources to support these children. Other babies are abandoned by their teenage mothers due the cultural, religious and social stigma associated with having a child out of wedlock. Other babies find themselves motherless after the death of their mother during or shortly after delivery caused by inadequate medical care. Further, other babies who turn out to be physically disabled and/or mentally challenged are abandoned by their mothers/parents who either cannot accept the child’s physical or mental condition or cannot afford the accompanying increased financial burden of caring for such child. With the worsening state of the local economy, this unfortunate occurrence of abandoned and motherless babies is on the increase.

Foundation Provides Substantial Annual Financial Assistance

NNANNY through its foundation will provide substantial annual financial assistance/support to these abandoned and motherless babies most of who are currently housed in various facilities set up by local churches and local charities. These facilities, while well intended, are under-funded, under-staffed, under-equipped and lack enough bed space for the demand of babies left abandoned and motherless daily. These facilities also do not adequately address long term goals such as educational and skills training, transition to foster homes, transition to more permanent homes through adoption, the creation of awareness on the practicality and availability of these services and public campaign against the stigma associated with being a single mother.

NNANNY MBF will be a means to formally solicit funds from other charitable organizations and institutions in the process of achieving NNANNY’S objective of raising One Million dollars ($1,000,000.00) within 10 years and the construction of a state-of-the-art NNANNY Home, Educational & Recreational Center in Ngwa land for motherless babies. It is NNANNY’s intention not only to provide early life sustenance to these disadvantaged young ones among us, but also the requisite educational training and skills necessary to be independent and productive adults both within and outside of Ngwa land.

We urge you to join NNANNY in this effort. These children are our future. They find themselves today in a situation where the future looks bleak. With your support we can bring warmth and nurture to them today and hope for a bright and happy tomorrow.

Feel free to contact us with your questions or suggestions. NNANNY MBF is very receptive to ideas or suggestions that will further the goal of our foundation and ultimately benefit these motherless babies among us.


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