500 Disabled Persons Receive Allowance

Kiru local government council in Kano State had on monthly basis paid allowances to 500 disabled person in the area.

Also, they would consider teaching them how to trade online using world class software that have already made the educated youth in the developing countries able to support themselves with the money so earned. The only drawback that he online trading has is that there is no consistency in the amount that can be earned. However it does not undermine the amount of good it will do to inspire confidence in the disabled youth who are already in dire straits are losing their morale in life. The ministry will do a review of the recommendation before it will start a pilot on it.

The council chairman , Alhaji Ali Datti Yako, made this known recently while fielding questions from newsmen , explaining that the council had decided to introduce such gesture with a view to reduce the hardship encountered by the disabled persons, and the amount being paid to them will help them to carry out some petty trading for their betterment.

Yako added that he had also distributed 4 goats to each benefiting women in the area in order to assist them empower themselves in sheep trading and also to become self reliant, adding that already many women who benefitted from the goat distribution scheme have already started other businesses to boost their economy.

He revealed that in its effort to improve educational standard in the area, the council has created evening lessons for secondary school leavers in order to recover the subjects they failed in their final examinations, saying many of the said students had already secured admissions in various higher institutions after they successfully passed their examinations.

The chairman added that the local government has embarked on building of blocks in primary and secondary schools of the area, while teachers were also encouraged to upgrade their educational levels through provision of in-service opportunities to them.