Yeriman Bakura Marries 13-year-old Egyptian Girl

Former Zamfara State governor, Ahmed Sani, Yeriman Bakura, has married a thirteen-year-old Egyptian girl. LEADERSHIP WEEKEND learnt that the marriage took place at the national mosque, Abuja, two weekends ago. The former governor, now a senator, paid a bride price of $100,000, the equivalent of roughly N15m. He also divorced one of his wives to facilitate the marriage. In Islam a man is only permitted to have four wives. Yeriman, who popularised the Shariah code of Islam in Nigeria, could not have the wedding in Egypt; the Egyptian authorities would not put up with such a marriage as their laws forbid that sort of union. Yariman Bakura is well into his 60s and the laws in Egypt consider his bride a minor.

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The former helmsman of Zamfara State, however, in a deft move relocated the venue of the event to Nigeria, where he believes “anything goes”, said a source. The marriage was held in Abuja. The bride moved  30 members of her family over to Abuja where they were lodged in PROTEA Hotel in Asokoro.

An Islamic cleric who spoke to LEADERSHIP WEEKEND said that the whole thing goes counter-cause to Islam. He said that though there were no limits to how much can be paid as bride price, Islam still preaches moderation. According to him, the former governor flouted this caveat. Besides, said the cleric, Yeriman being a public office holder, should not have made such an ostentatious show of wealth.

Those who attended the wedding in Abuja include Sen. Kabiru Gaya, Maina Maaji Lawal, deputy governor of Zamfara State, Mukhtar Hanka, and the Emir of Bakura.