Technical tactics and motives are combined with Ethereum and Bitcoin

The limitations of the platform provided by ethereum are unknown. Similar to any publicly accessible blockchain even ethereum wants to provide support to majority users. Ethereum provides fixed code on a program that carries out computation on each block, because of which it’s blockchain at present, can support almost 15 transactions every second which when compared to Visa card for example processes 45000. Because of this limitation blockchain provided by ethereum and other systems has become an arguable problem among developers. Even though it is mentioned that users who use ethereum to create smart contracts which provide a flexible platform unlike Bitcoin, there is still a limitation on a number of transactions performed.

A series of technical tactics and motives are combined with ethereum and Bitcoin which allows them in keeping the accurate records of the owners without the necessity of centralized body. With number of users growing each day, it is becoming hard to protect this information. It is becoming difficult to such an extent that simple tasks like purchasing food or running applications using the system by minimum people are also not possible.

The reason behind this is that it makes use of net off nodes and a complete transaction performed by ethereum in the past, account balance’s present state, smart contracts as well any type of storage is all done by these nodes. This is obviously an unmanageable job since the given time for completion of the transaction is 10 to 12 seconds for every block. The developers can increase the size of every block so that they can store more transactions which will result in data stored in each node will also increase which will lead to removing people from the network. The increase in the size of nodes will lead to limited access to the resource and the only a couple of big company will be able to use it. Check it out.

If the user wants to get the advantage of securing and keeping the data private the entire node must be run across the network. By increasing the size it will mean that running this big node fully will be difficult which will lead to limited people accessing if they themselves want to verify the transaction. In simple words, we can say that the decentralization technology and going large scale don’t go hand in hand however developers are finding ways to make them work.