Studio 53 Visits Nigeria, Three Other Countries

DStv audiences in Nigeria, Ethiopia , Benin and South Africa will this week have an exciting time as M-Net’s STUDIO 53 makes stopovers at these destinations during the latest episode of the lifestyle program!

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STUDIO 53’s first stop will be Nigeria where the Onitsha people marked the new yam festival (Ofala) in October with great revelry. IK joined the celebrations where the colourful ceremony saw lots of dignitaries in attendance and like every year locals gathered to pay homage to their King.

STUDIO 53 will then head to Ethiopia where Fareed savours the enchanting décor at the St George Art Gallery in Addis Abba. While there, he will meet with celebrated hand carved furniture designer, Saba Alene who in recognition of her innovative design and promotion of Ethiopian culture received the prestigious World Intellectual Property Organisation’s award for inventive design in 2005.

Then, it will be the turn of Benin where STUDIO 53 highlights some of the attractions this beautiful country has to offer.

Situated on the Gulf of Guinea, between Togo on the west and Nigeria on the east, this West African country has a rich cultural heritage and varied scenery making it an attractive but relatively unknown tourist destination before leading to South Africa where Rosi attends the Albert Luthuli Musical in Durban.

The life and achievements of Chief Albert Luthuli, a forefather of South Africa’s liberation struggle was celebrated with a vibrant musical production even as the DSTv audience have been urged to join STUDIO 53 as they bring this inspired performance to them.