Health Ministry Re-iterates Determination To Healthcare

The Minister of State for Health, Dr Aliyu Idi Hong, has reiterated his ministry’s determination to collaborate with state and local government in the country to provide quality healthcare services to Nigerians.

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The minister made this known last weekend while interacting with journalists in Abuja.

He said Federal Government was committed to achieving the health Millennium Development Goals, adding that it can only be achieved when states and local governments pull out their resources and improve the level of the primary healthcare centres to provide quality and effective HealthCare delivery system.

He maintained that health is in the concurrent list of the constitution, therefore, the three tiers of government must ensure that the poor health indices in Nigeria was improved.

He stated that local governments should equip primary healthcare with the facilities required to discharge their duties, while state governments should also provide facilities and equipment to the general hospitals.

He pointed out that the Federal Government was making efforts in improving the standard of federal medical centres and teaching hospitals in the country.

While answering questions from journalists on whether the Federal Government ws interested in building more hospitals, the minister said that government would strengthen and provide high level technologies and equipment to tertiary hospitals in the country.

The minister called on the governors as well as local government chairmen, to improve and provide all the necessary equipment to the existing hospitals in the states and local governments rather than building new ones.

According to him, if primary healthcare centres are functioning effectively, treatment of malaria, typhoid fever and other common ailments cannot be taken to Federal Medical Centres.

He noted that federal medical centres and teaching hospitals could only attend to a very serious case that cannot be treated at the primary healthcare centres.

He also said that there will be training and re-training of manpower at the various levels of government for effective performance in the health sector.