Health Condition: Lamido To Be Flown Abroad For Treatment

As President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua is being expected back to the country any moment, the Jigawa State Governor, Alhaji Sule Lamido, may likely be flown overseas for medical treatment, after he was said to have collapsed on Wednesday evening.

Something I recall when I read this:

Adam, my bum pal was doing everything right in his life. He was a great student in college and a hardworking guy at work. He never compromised work for valueless chatter and made it a point to leave for home only when his work commitment was over. He was serious about his work and he never whiled away time at office like all of us did. And that is precisely why he could manage to do all his work in time. It would be appropriate to say that he was an ideal employee and the company may have loved to more like him.

But office politics is a thing:

Now, there were people in the office who particularly didn’t like Adam too much because he was too good at his work. so, they spread a lot of rumors about him and also made sure that his appraisals do not come out good and basically did enough to influence the middle and the top management against him so that he would not have too high an opinion about him.

Of course Adam knew what was happening the moment he turned his back. But he was a stickle r for principles. He always thought that if a person does his job well and does not give too much leeway to nonsense, it will show in his work. He believed in the adage of working silently and letting his achievements make all the noise.

Of course, it all took a toll on him:

Working eight hours straight and with the extra burden of people around him sending him negative vibes did take a toll on him and one day at a meeting in the middle of his own presentation, Adam swooned and fell down flat on the ground due to exhaustion.

That was a warning bell:

Adam heeded the signs and took off time from work. In the time that he was at home, he started experimenting with online trading. He checked out some websites and opened a trading account with some that he thought were promising. The online trading robots impressed him so much because he had majored in college in Accountancy and the use of Technology in furthering accountancy practices in business organizations.

Adam made a big breakthrough and earned a great profit while taking a break from work. He realized that working from home and doing online business had its share of advantages where he could do away with any kind of political nonsense. It has been two years since his sabbatical and he is so happy trading away from home. It looks like he is having a great time to come back anytime soon. Have you tried your hand at online trading yet?

Investigations by our source in the state indicated that the governor collapsed shortly after he came back from Malam-madori Local Government Area of the state where he paid a visit to one of his cabinet members who lost his house in a fire accident last week. A competent source at the Government House told our source that a team of doctors was invited from Kano to treat the governor after he fainted. The source further revealed that the doctors recommended that he should relax at home for a week and boycott official activities.Though the nature of the illness was not specified, it was confirmed that the governor was taken to his personal residence in his hometown, Bamaina, where he is receiving medical attention.LEADERSHIP also gathered that most government top officials have visited the governor at Bamaina. There are speculations that he might be flown abroad for more medical treatment.When LEADERSHIP contacted the commissioner of information, he debunked the report, saying the governor is healthy and he is not suffering from any sickness.“As at yesterday evening we were together with him and if he has any health problems I would have known.” The Commissioner of Health, Dr. Nashabaru, said the governor is fine and is not suffering from any disease.Nashabaru further noted that the rumor about the governor’s health condition is not true, stressing that he will not be flown abroad for medical attention.