Goat With Human Face Delivered In Kano

An unusual occurrence that will remain indelible in the minds of residents in Dakata area of Kano happened recently. It is the birth of a mystery goat with unusual human features.

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The she-goat, after a prolonged labour, gave birth to three kids, one of which had a bizarre look, with a human feature, especially the face, the nose, the eye cavity and of course, the genital organs, which indicated that of a female.

The incident attracted an unprecedented crowd at the Dakata Police Station where the strange creature was first taken to, an incident which happened on August 6, 2009.

It was learnt that the she-goat, which had the mystery delivery is 12 years old and belongs to one Malama Amina of Sauna Village in Dakata who revealed that she-goat to date has delivered six times,

She explained that each delivery in the past produced three kids, but the latest came with a difference, as one of the three has some human features, especially the face, the nose, the eye cavity and of course, the genital organs, which indicated it is a female.

As at the time of this report, it was gathered the strange animal died moments after delivery, while the other two survived and the owner, Malama Amina stated that for the first time, the she-goat experienced prolonged labour which was an unusual situation in the history of her labour.

Vet .doctor, Salisu Atiku and the senior livestock superintendent, Abbas Ibrahim who both commented on the development said it will be wrong to link it with a human sexual contact.

The reaction is in response to widespread insinuations that there might have been a sexual relationship between the she-goat and a normal human being.