Don’t Honour Invitations, Muslim Group Tells Yarima

A Muslim group has urged Senator Ahmed Sani Yarima not to honour any invitation forthwith from any agency regarding the alleged marriage of a 13-year old Egyptian by the lawmaker.

The Supreme Council of Sharia in Nigeria(SCSN) Kaduna State chapter, stated this in a press conference yesterday in Kadua.

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Addressing newsmen, its chairman, Malam Mohammed Sulaiman, argued that the recent attacks were not aimed at the senator but Islam in general, adding that it only portrays the negative impact of the Child Rights Act, which promotes western secular ideas of upbringing, contrary to the teachings of Islam. Islam encourages men to marry women of their choice irrespective of age, hence Muslims who have the intention to marry whoever they choose should go ahead without fear, he said.

“We wish to make it clear to all Muslims in this country that the essence of the Child Rights Act is promoting western secular ideas in the upbringing of children. We had a number of advertorials cautioning the Federal Government and the National Assembly not to dumbly accept to ratify this convention without consultation with Nigerian public, unfortunately the law was passed by the National Assembly in April 2003 and some states were immediately pressurized to pass such law.

“Sadly, the negative impact of the law is beginning to manifest and the focus of this is on Senator Mohammed Ahmed Sani’s alleged marriage of underaged child. The provision of the Child Rights Act section 21 contradicts the teaching of Islam. Islam encourages men to marry women of their choice as mentioned in Qur’an 4 verse 2 without any emphasis on age limit.”We wish to make it clear that any law that contradicts the essence of the teachings of Islam, our divine religion is unaccepted to the Muslims of this country.”

We are hereby calling on Senator Ahmad Sani Yerima not to answer any call of the so called NAPTIP again and any other relevant agencies because the supreme council of Sharia in Nigeria has taken the issue to court and the case will come up on June 3, 2010.

Finally, we are calling on all Muslims intending to marry any child or woman of their choice to go on because Islam allows that. Enough is enough.”