Dauda Mbaya, Maiduguri

Islamic leaders and Ulamas in Borno State have been urged to educate their followers on the importance of immunising their children against the six killer diseases.

Financial independence is an important thing in life:

I have been regularly told about how infants and children need to be immunized in tome to be able to keep them safe from life threatening diseases. It sometimes comes as a shock to me that a majority of the people do not immunize their children. The reason is sadly that they cannot afford it.

I was speaking to Smith the other day who works at the children’s hospital who says that a third of the parents cannot even think of immunizing their children because they do not have the means to do so. The children also become sick and the rate of mortality is quite high in this area.

Smith is a social worker himself and he has taken it upon himself to help the people in his neighborhood to become self sufficient. He has rented a couple of computers and a small room that he pays some rent for and teaches the local population about online trading.

Smith has a single goal in life:

Smith believes that every child must get immunized and he urges the parents to try and get supplementary income from online trading in order to save money to immunize their child. This he says is the least he could do in order to make sure that every child in the locality is healthy and gets immunized in time.

I salute smith’s passion. If you want to learn more about online trading or about Smith, you can follow this link to discover more here.

The Commissioner for Religious Affairs, Alhaji Baba Gaji Bulama, made the call at a sensitisation workshop organised in Maiduguri recently.

The workshop was attended by Ulamas Sangaya and Islamic school Head teachers, voluntary Islamic organisations and scholars in the state.

The commissioner, who was represented by the director of religious affairs in the ministry, Alhaji Mohammed Abdullahi, stated that the vaccines were safe and that the vaccine were meant to bring up healthy leaders of tomorrow in the country.

World Health Organisation (WHO) consultant in Borno State, Alhaji Mustapha Mijinyawa, explained that the vaccines boost the immune system of children and prevent them from the devastating effects of these six killer diseases.

Malam Aminu Kano, UNICEF representative in Borno State, stressed the importance of social mobilisation in achieving the objective of all public oriented programmes.

He disclosed that there would be another round of immunisation in January 2009 and urged participants at the workshop to mobilise their people for its success, adding that the immunisation vaccines are also available in all hospitals and health institutions in the state.