Can someone make a living by trading?

Can someone make a living by trading? This idea is indeed very fascinating where you can leave your full time job and dedicate all your time to trading and also make much more money than you were earning in your full time job.

This however does seem to be a fantasy and something that seems almost impossible. But the truth is that you can actually make money trading and quit your full time job and also have better standard of living than you had with your regular job.

The problem here is that most traders do paper trading and get the confidence that they can make it big in the securities market. They then leave their jobs and start to trade only to see that they have blown up all their capital. Very few traders actually make it to be a successful trader.

The truth is that this business is not that easy. There are traders who have done it in the past and who can take the liberty to sit in one of the best hotels or in a beach side resort with a laptop and an internet connection and trade all day in the market.

Trading gives you the freedom to be your own boss and work from where you want and also to be secure financially. But it is a tough job and one needs some special skills in order to be successful at trading. They should know how to trade and also be able to tolerate risk and keep emotions in check. Unfortunately this is something that the majority of people lack.

To be a successful trader you should have a sound knowledge of the trading methods and know how to make use of the volatility in the market. You should most importantly know how to manage your risks since even for the professional traders not all the trades would be profitable. See this method to be successful .It has to be tested in various market conditions and over time and also with real money.

You have to spend some time and money to educate yourself about everything that is related to trading. You need to have a very strong understanding of the trading world and an in-depth knowledge on the subject.

The money that you are using to trade is from your living expenses and thus you need to be careful with it. Also make sure that you have at least a years of income saved before you decide to start trading for a living.