Mistakes To Avoid While Planning For A Startup

Starting up a business on your own is not an easy task even when it is a small one. You just have to give your entire focus and time to business during its initial stage till it starts generating revenue and stabilizes. If you are into serious trading or have plans to conduct trading along with the business starting up process then it will affect the process. It’s best you opt for an automated trading robot during this time.  Understand all about the trading robots here and its workings.   Below mentioned are a few mistakes you should avoid while starting up a small business on your own.

Mistakes to avoid

Starting the business without proper entity- In most of the places, securing the business registration or license is required to conduct the business operations. Until and unless you register the business, the business partners cannot be held liable for anything which happens related to the business. Also, it ensures that your personal property is considered separate from business.

Planning only for success- Every new businessman dreams of achieving big things and sometimes it would be hard to achieve. If you wish your business to be successful, then you should remain flexible with regard to the processes and also should develop a contingency plan.

Inadequate capitalization- Capital is what the business members, shareholders or partners contribute for the ownership in the business.  Few businesses are very much capital intensive while there are others which are capital efficient. But in most of the businesses, lack of enough money is the main reason for failure.

Doing everything by yourself- You should have an efficient accountant, attorney, and banker who will ensure that the business is built on a strong foundation. They will also make sure that you don’t commit any mistakes which will cost you later on.  It is impossible to achieve success if you try to do all the work yourself.

Understanding only the industry and not the market- Most of the businessmen know about their industry well and would have great expertise in the service or product offered. But without adequate market knowledge, you will not know whom to cater the products or services and who should be targeted. Knowing the market well helps in positioning the product in the market and ensures that it reaches the right people. Also, it will give you a fair idea of how the market will respond to your product and if you need to make any changes.

Why Crypto Currency Markets are Highly Volatile

As they say, artificially trying to inflate or deflate the economy so that there are chances of high-frequency changes in financial markets, that could be for personal gains by a group of individual is always haunting the global financial circles. The deregulated nature of cryptocurrency markets makes them be in the high radar of personally influencing the pricing of the cryptocurrencies with rampant buying or mass offloading in several crypto exchanges heavily. The trading platforms are designed by experts who have high analytical and logical knowledge of the price movements of particular cryptocurrencies can program the software, with high-level complex machine language that is highly difficult to be researched by others.

Do Crypto Currency Markets need to be regulated?

  • this has been a topic of discussion in recent years, as cryptocurrency trading is something traded in anonymity for people who are totally new to the trading software
  • the usual assumptions we make in traditional markets will not work in the crypto markets as the requirements are different and specific purpose has to be determined
  • as the pricing is influenced by people in the short term, find out more about how they really do not matter in the long run, all these pricing influences are there for a short while, and then the prices changes due to various other factors
  • many of the investment depends upon the short term, margins based profiting, that will soon be influenced by the very nature of the cryptocurrency being highly volatile
  • as regulations fall in place, the volatility will reduce, the price influences will also become thing of past as there is a high amount of regulatory diligence to be followed

How can pricing be influenced in Crypto Markets?

  • buying and selling their own funds and all by themselves to create an artificial perception that the market is active, is the wash trading that people often use to manipulate in cryptocurrency markets
  • buying a lot of coins and dumping them to traders who have no knowledge about the manipulative tactics are often adopted by a group of people
  • trading outside standard exchanges, to prevent any outsiders, with large capital investors usually trading to avoid any slippage between the same buyers and sellers
  • traders having larger capital base often push the pricing to a direction they want, by using the buy and sell walls usually tend to dominate the prices.

Financial Advantages of Having Kids Early

Financial Advantages of Having Kids Early

Read on to know the financial advantages of having kids early:

Avoiding sandwich generation:  When you have kids very late, at one point in your life you will be supporting both your aged parents as well as your growing kids.  So, expenses will be double-fold and to for managing the situation, you end up in taking debts at an improper age.  Such people who face double responsibility are called the sandwich generation.  The pressure faced by such people are more in financial as well as physical terms.  By having kids early, when your life reaches that point wherein you have to support your aged parents, your kids will be grown up enough to manage their life.

Assistance for bringing up a child:  When you have kids early, financially you may not spend too much for bringing up the kid.  You will be young and strong enough to take care of the kid.  Expenses for hiring nanny is saved thus.

Learning financial lessons early:  When you have kids early, you face financial difficulties early and realize the value and importance of money at a very young age.   So, learning new financial products is easy at a younger age.  You tend to accumulate more wealth and avoid making financial mistakes.  You plan more prudently and save more money.

Career:  When you have kids at a young age you will be at an initial stage of your career naturally.  Hence you can take a break for maternity and then build a career easily again without any break.  Thus, you can have a continuous career and financial growth.  Taking a break for bringing up kids is tough after climbing up in a career.

Retired life:  By having kids early you can get rid of your commitments and will be freed early.  Thus, you can have a financially independent retired life.

Easy to regain strength and normalcy:  When you have kids early the medical expenses are less.  You can easily regain your strength without much medical intervention.  At a later age, medical expenses due to infertility will be high.

Insurance premiums:  Insurance premiums will be less due to younger age despite maternity risks.

All the above are the financial advantages of having kids early.  Moreover, when your kids will grow up and have kids, you will be strong enough to support them physically and financially.  Thus, the benefits pass on to the next generation also.



Common Financial Mistakes Made By Women

Common Financial Mistakes Made By Women

Women manage house as well as career. They simply handle multitasking of managing kids, office, cleaning, washing and what not.  They are the pivotal strength around which the family revolves to grow peacefully.  It is the talent, prudence, patience, and sacrifice of women which makes the world function without chaos.  Despite having all the above qualities, women do commit few financial mistakes which often affect the whole family.  Read on to know what the common financial mistakes women make:

Lack of active participation:  Women lack active participation in the area of finance.  In all the major financial decisions she expects the man to play a vital role.  But the truth is they can suggest better alternatives and cost-effective ideas.  Women also do not show interest in discussing financial products.  They leave men to learn, discuss and read reviews on investment products by themselves.

Continuity:  Even if they start participating in financial activities like taking up stock trading or cryptocurrency trading, they discontinue those.  This is due to increased work burden and responsibilities.  But they should steal some personal time to continue what they started.

Assets:  Women never buy assets in their names.  Areas like real estate are still outside the interest of women.

Attitude:  Women sometimes build the attitude that they can confine their skills to limited areas.  They tend to avoid showing interest in finance related matters.  This attitude stands as a block which prevents them from building up their knowledge on finance.  Due to this attitude, they suffer at a later point in life when a financial emergency arises.

Impulsive shopping:  Women do more of impulsive shopping.  This results in huge shopping bills.

Emotional decisions:  Women take emotional financial decisions which can impact their lives. When it comes to financial decisions, a calm and rational mindset is needed more.

Investing:  Women tend to think more about saving.  They do not take a further step to make prudent diversified investments.  Mere saving will not bring huge returns.  Only investment ideas will multiply the assets.  As a result, despite saving for years, the asset they accumulate is low.

It is high time women avoid all the above mistakes and start developing their knowledge and improve their passion for finance.  This will not only make families grow rich but will improve the economy as a whole.  The society will get a lot of benefits when women actively participate in financial decision making.

Regtech Solutions in the financial world

Regtech Solutions in the financial world

The regulatory technology and the continuous innovation have made the delivery of specific regulatory mandates to be adhering by crypto exchanges and fintech companies. The easy way to integrate, manage and secure a reliable risk solution today with cost-effective strategy is catching up on the financial world.

Importance of Regtech

The emphasis on technology and regulation have become synonymous, as we head into an era of digitization completely, there needs to be a framework of how the regulations in the digital space are useful and not taking away the freedom of trading online and their presence across different parts of the world. In the dynamic world of financial technology, check this out for driving more efficient manner of achieving the goal of functioning in digital space with a lot of security and high regulatory norms automatically followed so that no additional efforts or reports are required to generate, more or less an automated risk tool.

More about Regtech

  • the extension of regulatory practices should be the goal and not the disruptive practice of eroding the traditional system of operating in the financial world
  • regulation of highly acquired data should be used for real-time demonstration, using the intricacies involved in mapping the logic for the global regtech adherence
  • this will streamline the entire process of customer relation, their identity protection and fulfilling the due diligence for banking and other financial sectors
  • using the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning abilities, there seems to be a customized approach for every client in the digital space to fit into the regtech and fintech
  • startup companies are leveraging on the benefits of this disruptive technology to save time and efficiently manage huge data from the cloud platform
  • there is a definite change in the response time and the dramatic improvements in terms of the changes in regulatory form are helping in the cost-effectiveness and the accuracy of data involved, banks and other financial services are hugely benefitting from the crux of the underlying technological innovation

There was a time when following the regulatory requirements was considered to be a time-consuming activity, that was worsened by the financial crisis, hence the relevance of providing more information about the risks and the measures to prevent have been elaborately communicated to the stakeholders and the customers. There is no specific regtech solution; each corporation will have their own risk mitigation tool customized.



Here is why Forex and allied trading on online media is a hit with the traders today

Here is why Forex and allied trading on online media is a hit with the traders today

It all started in 2008:

The financial meltdown in the global economy was a tough call for many. But like they say there is always a silver lining in every cloud, the 2008 market crash taught people that there are so many other ways to think money. Online trading is one such field that picked up its momentum during the global recession.

The reasons why people preferred to trade online during the toughest time in this century was that the risk was calculated and it also meant that freelancing was possible. The rise in the percentage of traders during the terrible years was in my estimate because people were actually losing their jobs.

As more and more people dropped out of the active workforce, they were looking out for another medium of employment and online trading fit the bill exactly.

Online trading has been helping people gain back their self-esteem:

It is not easy to lose a job; a means of livelihood and in a climate when it becomes hopeless, it can lead to suicidal tendencies for someone who has a family to support. I can very proudly affirm this and based on my detailed research that online trading has given hope to millions of workers in those tough days when they lost their jobs to attrition.

If it was not for trading, they would have committed mass suicide or worse, the crime rate in the world would have reached a new high because you know “survival”!

Trading has been popular since:

Today, if you will see the ratio of people who prefer to trade online in derivatives such as commodities, foreign exchange, stocks, and shares, you will realize that they are very happy with whatever extra income they manage to make along with the salary that they receive at their day jobs.

Pairing trading is easy with your existing jobs:

Online markets never shut down. This is the reason that there is a great scope for people who want to earn supplementary income to jump in on to the bandwagon. The trader can trade at his own will and convenience. If he thinks that he may not be able to be up, he can even switch on the autopilot mode where the robot will do the trading on his behalf. Of course, the risk level can be set by him!

Trading has been a saving grace for millions of people who have tried and testified that there has nothing ever been so flexible and comfortable as being able to trade online from the comfort of one’ home and still be able to make a bonus income!

The Advantages of Mergers and Acquisitions

The Advantages of Mergers and Acquisitions


The concept of merger and acquisition has got a wide meaning proving that it will affect the business and its growth. Even with this, there has been always some speculation with what may be the repercussions of such an agreement. The recent analysis by financial experts has brought out many of the advantages from a merger and acquisition.


Let us see the full report on the benefits that these mergers and acquisitions:


  1. This will facilitate in getting quality personnel who possess additional talents and have better knowledge about the industry and market. Examples could be that a business which is good at management skills will benefit the buyer company and it will also be beneficial when your business is also equally well with these skills.
  2. You will be entitled to get new assets and funds needed for the new business and better production and distribution facilities are also expected with the merger agreement. For this benefit, we need to look for businesses that are well established and making reasonable profits already.
  3. When you are business is not performing well, you can look at expanding by acquiring profitable business rather than making any internal changes. This will help in making huge profits and better ways to sustain your weak business.
  4. When you buy huge firms your market share is enlarged and you get a prominent place in the market. Also, your new business will have already established distribution channels and systems which you can use now.
  5. You get entitled with benefits like diversification of products, services and also long-term goals of your business. You can combine your products with the new business and its distribution channels.
  6. You have financial benefits by sharing budgets the cost of production gets lower and better profits can be made.
  7. If your merger company has intellectual property rights already, this will be an advantage for the buyer because he is not required to spend again for the same.
  8. There is better growth which will help in all rounded focus of the business.


Thus, a merger and amalgamation will benefit both the business in sustaining a marketplace for both and also make it eligible for product diversification. This is a challenging but a well-featured idea to make real profits as soon as the new business is established. So, always support a merger or acquisition idea and promote it.









How to Establish A Promotional Mix

How to Establish A Promotional Mix

Promoting your product and bringing customers into the business is as important as you set up your business. Taking up promotional activities is the best solution to attract your target audience. There are many types of such activities and when you find the right mix, it is termed as a promotional mix.

The general protocol followed by any promotional mix consists of the following:

  1. Advertising: the most common means of promoting a product is media indulgence called advertisements. It will also be in print medium forms like magazines, newspapers and Another format is the billboards beings displayed in crowded areas and also web-based advertising. This is a non -personal type of activity for promotion as there is no direct dealing between the seller and buyer.
  2. Sales Promotions: we are aware of the discount sale, buy one get one free offer,50 5 off on certain products during a certain period of the year. There are sales promotion techniques that will attract many customers.
  3. Public relations: these are the activities which will deal in promoting publicity and foster the company’s goodwill with a positive image. This will also help in fostering a coverage in media, put up charitable campaigns and host some special events related to the product.
  4. Direct marketing: this is directly aimed at customers in their homes and offices. This concerns to ordering a product, claiming a coupon, making a free phone call or visit the nearby store. Other forms of this mode are catalogues, emails and letters which reach the customer directly.
  5. Personal selling: the simplest form of communication which is just between the buyer and seller which deals in a proper personal involvement of the

Therefore, this kind of activities will deal in making the product in reaching the customers easily.

The need for promotional activities:

When you target audience, taking it to the full extent of bringing their attention can happen only with promotional marketing. This has many methods which will reach many customers, who maybe looking for a chance to purchase these products. The technique is to coordinate the markets to look at your product, you can also specialize in your advertisements and be market specific according to the use of the product.

Hence, it is advised to take time and effort to make the proper promotional mix which can make your business a successful entity.


Basics Understanding of ‘Security’

A security is an exchangeable, debatable money related instrument that upholds some sort of financial esteem. It speaks to a proprietorship position in a traded on an open market organization (by means of stock), a leaser association with an administrative body or a company (spoke to by owning that substance’s security), or rights to possession as designated by an alternative.

A brief analysis

Securities are extensively grouped into two types:

  • Equities
  • Debts

A value security speaks to proprietorship intrigue held by investors in an element (an organization, association or trust), acknowledged as shares of the capital stock, which incorporates offers of both normal and favored stock. Holders of value securities are commonly not qualified for consistent installments (however value securities frequently do pay out profits), yet they can benefit from capital additions when they offer the securities (expecting they’ve expanded in esteem, normally). Value securities do qualify the holder for some control of the organization on a master rata premise, by means of voting rights. In times of insolvency, they share just in remaining interest after meeting all the commitments that ought to be paid to the creditors.

An obligation security speaks to cash that is obtained and should be reimbursed, with conditions that state the measure of the credit, financing cost and maturity or date of renewal. Obligation securities, which incorporate corporate and government securities, certificates of deposits and collateral security (for example, CMOs and CDOs), by and large, qualifies their holder for the standard installment of interest and reimbursement of principal (paying little mind to the guarantor’s performance), alongside some other stipulated legally binding rights (which excludes voting rights). They are normally issued for a settled term, toward the finish of which they can be recovered by the issuer. Obligation securities can be anchored (supported by guarantee) or not secured, and, if it is not secured, might be authoritatively organized over other a non-secured, a secondary obligation on account of an insolvency.

Composite securities, just as the name recommends, consolidate a portion of the attributes of both debt and value securities. Cases of composite securities incorporate value warrants (choices issued by the organization itself that give investors the privilege to buy stock inside a specific time period and at a particular value), convertible securities (securities that can be changed over into shares of basic stock in the issuing organization) and inclination shares (organization stocks whose installments of premium, profits or different returns of capital can be organized over those of different investors).

 Understanding The Financial Ratios

 Understanding The Financial Ratios

There are various ways one can monitor the business’s financial performance using the data available. By making use of the financial ratios, one can easily assess where the business is underperforming. Also, it helps in judging the effect of changes one part will have on another area.

By closely monitoring the figures you could minimize the waste and maximize the efficiency which would help the business to run smoothly in long run.  Business usually resorts to various financial ratios which will help them in monitoring the cash flow, non- financial factors like customer satisfaction, staff turnover, etc and profitability. The same applies to trade; you need to closely monitor all the activities so that you can take decisions which will increase the profit of your investments. If you don’t have much time in your hand to monitor continuously, you can opt to trade through the trading robots. Read through this review to learn about the process of trading using the robots.

Using ratios in business for monitoring

Ratios show how one number is related to another. When you conduct financial analysis, the ratios would be expressed as percentage or rate, depending on your preference. Financial ratios have to be compared with the following things for better monitoring purpose:

  • General business standards or industry benchmarks
  • The trend of the past year result (trend analysis)
  • Budgeted results
  • Results of the competitors
  • Effect of various economic conditions

 Financial ratios used commonly

You need to have a clear understanding of the financial ratios to be used. Most common categories of the ratios used are:

Liquidity and cash flow- These ratios to are used to assess the working capital amount of the business and to work out the solvency of the business in the medium or short term.

Return and risk- These ratios are used to judge the success rate of the investment made into your business and to find what effect any further investment will have on specific parts of the business.

Profitability- This uses the net profit margin and gross profit margin as two key indicators to measure the performance of the business and the likelihood of its success.

Sales and stock turnover- It uses this ratio to identify the deficiencies or overstocking in marketing or production strategies.

There are even non-financial ratios which are very much important for the business as it helps in highlighting those issues which will not show in the balance sheet.