Police arrest man with 17 Human Skulls

The tiny border town of Kankon, Badagary local government area of Lagos State, was yesterday thrown into confusion after a police patrol team intercepted a commercial vehicle carrying 17 human skulls and other vital human body organs.

Other items discovered in the bus include dried human tongues, teeth, finger nails and human hairs. According to the Police, some of the items have already been dried, and were somehow difficult to identify.

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A Superintendent of Police (SP) Iwoka Francis, attached to the Federal Highway patrol unit of the Force, told LEADERSHIP WEEKEND in an interview that, members of his patrol team intercepted the Lagos state commercial coloured, 14-seater bus at Kankon, while on routine patrol of the area at about 4.00am on Thursday.

He said that Police men had initially thought the driver and the only passenger in the vehicle and owner of the “consignment” where smugglers and that the big four “Ghana must go bags” cleverly concealed under the seats of the vehicle, contained used cloths or some other contrabands items. “But we were dead wrong and shocked to our bone’s marrow at our discovery.”

The Police officer said there was nothing else that suggests the contents of the bags, “and it was by the special grace of God that we caught the suspects.” He stated that both the driver of the bus and the passenger are partners in business.

He added that investigation has revealed that the duo suspects, Muyiwa Akintade and Samuel Olaniyan have been in the business of human parts trafficking for more than a decade now. “How he has been escaping police arrest has continued to beat my imagination. This road is one of the busiest in this area and has over 14 security check-points but this people said they have been plying this road while transacting this same business for over 10-year and nobody sees them,” the bewildered police officer said.

According to the senior cop, the suspects said they were on their way to Lome, Togo to sell the items. “They said they have their customers in both Ghana and Togo, and that the Ghanaian customer was settled with his consignment last week and that these particular ones were meant for one Cornell Sekoulama, a traditional medicine practitioner from Kenya but based in Lome togo.”

Police said, further investigation has revealed that the human skull could fetch the suspects about N350, 000.00. “They said that a single trip usually gives them cause to smile. Once we are able to make a single trip in a month that means close to N500 000.00 would be waiting to be spent. The suspects according to the Police chief confessed that sourcing the products was where the problem usually lies. They said that to get the human skull, they would have to be close to mortuary, cemetery attendants and sometime kidnappers and accident victims”

The Policeman said, villagers gathered the following morning to witness the spectacle. He stated further that, it took the intervention of his men and Policemen from Kankan Police post to save the two men from being lynched by angry youths from the village. LEADERSHIP WEEKEND was told that, the exhibits and suspects has already been moved to Federal Anti-robbery Squad (FEDSARS) in Adeniyi Adele, Lagos for further investigation and prosecution of the suspects.

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