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The major reason for traders to get into the trading field is to make some extra money and live life happily. Of course, all the trading platforms promise to deliver this expectation but how many of them are reliable is a big question. The question about whether the trader will be benefited or the trading platform, is actually making the existence of even the good and reliable applications a difficult one.

It is very important for every trader to first understand what the market is like, the right identification of a trustworthy trading platform and it is this that should form the next step towards the trading software decision. This is of predominant importance for every trader which when done properly would definitely help them have their dreams fulfilled here. So how do you find out whether a system selected by you is reliable? Here are few things that can actually help you with this.

  • The returns and payouts promised by the trading platform should look and sound practical because higher returns are possible not everytime but rarely. So if there is a platform that promises you an unimaginable rate of return, then be sure that there is something tricky with the system and that a login or a registration with that system would actually land you up in problems.
  • All the brokers and services provided by the application should all be according to the standards and procedures prescribed by the trading commission because these are the standards on which the entire trading market operates.
  • There should be a disclosure of everything about the system because traders need to know what exactly happens when their money is deposited for trading purposes and hence the trading software should make everything clear about the system to the traders.

These are some of the basics on which the trading market operates. And one very popular trading platform that is actually operating based on the above is the Fintech Ltd. There are already many traders using this as their trading platform for all their trades and they have found this to be a very reliable and trustworthy one and you can check it out on the official website of this software. There are lots of recommendations and suggestions to the other traders to become a part of this system for there are a lot of surprises for the traders and that it is worth trading here because there are daily earnings too.

How Transaction Is Carried Out

If you want to start trading on exchange you have to verify your identity by going through a set of the authentication process. After you have verified your identity and authentication is over you will be provided with an account in which you have to put some money before you start trading Bitcoins. Here is full article about Bitcoin. The mode of payment for depositing money is different for each exchange.

  • You can transfer directly from your other bank account to this account
  • You can make use of bank wires to deposit money
  • Use your debit or credit cards for deposition.
  • You can make drafts in bank of the desired amount and deposit that.
  • Buy gift cards and deposit them.

At any point of time traders are allowed to withdraw money from this account. They are provided with different options to withdraw money from the exchange like

  • Standard transferring to your bank account
  • Using Paypal to transfer money
  • Some offer delivery of cash as well
  • Bank wire transfer
  • Transferring to your credit card

When you deposit or withdraw money from your account you are supposed to pay some fees. As mentioned above there are different modes that you can use to deposit and withdraw depending on which you are supposed to pay some price. The more probability there is of getting a chargeback from the opted payment mode, the fees are high. Chargeback is less for bank drafts and bank wires and more for PayPal and credit or debit card.

So far we know that you have transaction fee to perform trading and you have to pay fees to withdraw and transfer money. These are not the only charges that you need to pay, there is also another fee known as currency conversion fees. This fee depends on the type of currency that Bitcoin exchange is accepting. Suppose the exchange is dealing only with US currency but you transfer Singapore dollars, the bank will take some fee and convert your currency from US dollars to Singapore dollars. You can avoid paying this fee by doing a transaction with the same currency type.

The terms that usually people get confused with are Bitcoin exchange and Bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin exchange is a marketplace where you can perform trading of Bitcoins and on the other hand Bitcoin wallet is a place where you store your Bitcoins safely which is a digital form of storage. Technically this is a place where keys are generated which is used by the users to access the Bitcoins.

HB Swiss has high rate of success

Hans Berger is a person from Switzerland who has found a brand new application for online trading and name of this software is HB Swiss and he is not only person who is behind this software, he was also joined with his friend named Bastian Hermann who is also an old friend of mr.Berger. he is very intelligent person who has a good experience in quantum technology and software designing and development, hence they were successful in designing it.  The rate of success and accuracy of predictions made by this automated robot is so high.  In percentage it is measure to be more than 90% which is not possible for other robots in market.

This software is so flexible and can be used from any place of world by using any device like phone, tablet, laptop or pc and can be operated on any operating system like, ios, android or windows as this is purely a web-based application. All you need to have is a high speed and uninterrupted network connection for placing trade without any technical problem or a glitch. As already said the rate of success is high then profits will also be high as these two parameters are directly proportional to each other. Profits gained by using the game changer auto-pilot mode is around $5000 per day and these are not fake promises as you can see the certificate given by already existing users, clients and third party independent users. This high result is possible only by using an auto-pilot mode as it is a computerized one so it will not make any emotional decisions and you will not regret. The working auto pilot mode is simple as it will read all charts, tables analyze them and send strong signals to traders and they will place trade and it will be definitely successful.

Signing-up to this software is easy with very few simple steps, when you are on official page of HB Swiss click on sign up button then you need to give some basic information about you like name, email address and an person identification proof according to their rules and regulations, once it is given their team will start to verify and when this is also done you can login in to your HB Swiss account fund it with $250 and connect with authentic broker those are related to this software and start performing trades and gain profits.

Technical tactics and motives are combined with Ethereum and Bitcoin

The limitations of the platform provided by ethereum are unknown. Similar to any publicly accessible blockchain even ethereum wants to provide support to majority users. Ethereum provides fixed code on a program that carries out computation on each block, because of which it’s blockchain at present, can support almost 15 transactions every second which when compared to Visa card for example processes 45000. Because of this limitation blockchain provided by ethereum and other systems has become an arguable problem among developers. Even though it is mentioned that users who use ethereum to create smart contracts which provide a flexible platform unlike Bitcoin, there is still a limitation on a number of transactions performed.

A series of technical tactics and motives are combined with ethereum and Bitcoin which allows them in keeping the accurate records of the owners without the necessity of centralized body. With number of users growing each day, it is becoming hard to protect this information. It is becoming difficult to such an extent that simple tasks like purchasing food or running applications using the system by minimum people are also not possible.

The reason behind this is that it makes use of net off nodes and a complete transaction performed by ethereum in the past, account balance’s present state, smart contracts as well any type of storage is all done by these nodes. This is obviously an unmanageable job since the given time for completion of the transaction is 10 to 12 seconds for every block. The developers can increase the size of every block so that they can store more transactions which will result in data stored in each node will also increase which will lead to removing people from the network. The increase in the size of nodes will lead to limited access to the resource and the only a couple of big company will be able to use it. Check it out.

If the user wants to get the advantage of securing and keeping the data private the entire node must be run across the network. By increasing the size it will mean that running this big node fully will be difficult which will lead to limited people accessing if they themselves want to verify the transaction. In simple words, we can say that the decentralization technology and going large scale don’t go hand in hand however developers are finding ways to make them work.

How to be successful in the market

Check their research reports and if they provide any form of education to help you trade in the market. Trading using gut feelings or tips is not advised and it would only lead to losses in the long run.

The cost that the brokerage firm charges you and the level of service that they provide are key factors to consider. Mobile access, research tools and the investment offers are also crucial things that should be checked before you open an account.

If you are a beginner then look for a brokerage firm that gives personal investment advice. When you learn how to trade yourself and get the confidence then you could look for a firm that gives you some advanced trading tools and margins to trade.

If you want to trade yourself then make use of an online broker who gives discounted services. These brokerage firms would let you trade in stocks and other asset classes and also let you trade in mutual funds, options , certificates of deposits, exchange trade funds and retirement funds etc. It will be your decision only whether you want to buy or sell the investment .To begin investing you will not need a whole lot of money.


It is important to gain education if you want to start trading. Read the financial news and listen to the podcasts or enroll yourself into an investment course to understand how the security market works and how traders trade in them to make money. You can join an investment club where you could discuss your trading skills with other experienced traders.

Note that just reading will not make you be successful in the market. You need to practice your strategy to know whether it works in the live trading market. For this you could start to trade with an online broker who offers a demo trading account. This is where you could practice your skills and then test your strategy to see if it works, without investing any of your money.

Beginner investor

It can be really confusing to trade in the market if you are a beginner. All that you need is the correct information, a good foundation and knowing how to gradually increase your funds.

If you are a beginner then take care to not invest more money than you can afford to lose. Make decisions based on what you can lose and then begin slowly. Once you have made some profits then you can reinvest the profits back into other trades. Get the facts here.

Bitcoin Code – How it has made trading all easy!

Trading is one industry where there is no uncertainty and any day could positively change from being the best to drastically change to worst in a few hours and you could not do anything to help it. This is one reason many traders are apprehensive about spending much time in this industry. There are chances that you can lose a lot of money being in one wrong judgment or you can lost time and money by making a wrong decision. This therefore involves a lot of stress and you need to append a lot of time in knowing about the industry and how it works.

Even for experienced traders, it could be stressful as one of their wrong moves might lead to a series of troubled transactions. With the introduction of trading robot like Bitcoin code, it has become a lot easier for traders to cope up with all the stress, decision making and losses as well. The software is specifically programmed to bring in high return rates. The advantages of using it could be listed down as follows –

  • The application promises high return rates, which remains to be unmatched with what even an experienced trader could make on his best day. Frankly, there are not many best days when it comes to trading and even if there are they are not continuous. A robot on the other hand is consistent in bringing you a profit.
  • The application is free and there are no charges to be paid to use it. When it makes a profit for you, you are not entitled to pay any brokerage commission as in there are no hidden charges as well.
  • There is an exceptional customer support team that works on all time zones to support traders across the world immediately.
  • The whole application has a very user friendly and customizable interface. This makes it easier for the traders be it young or old to use it without feeling intimidated.
  • With crypto currency and bit coins gaining rave reviews, it has become important that they be handled well and the robot has been programmed to bring in high returns.
  • The application has great customer feedback and high outcome rate indicting how many customers are satisfied after having used this software. The reviews from different sites have been great too making it a favorite.