Forex is a market of high volatility

Forex is always an overlooked market due to its high volatility. Most people consider it to be the worst market, and never give an attempt to take part in it. Yet, there are many people who are actively participating in the market making gains.

So, beyond the risks, despite the volatility, what makes the market more popular? Why is forex still the top segment making high revenues? Who is profiting from it and where is the revenue coming from mostly?

Let’s take you through the most important people participating in the market trades:

Governments and Central Banks: Every nation’s government has a role in its nation’s financial scenarios. Banks have strong roles in controlling the nation’s foreign exchange markets. They together control the current flow, inflation, interest rates and ultimately control the money flow inside and outside of the nation. If anything goes out of hands, they try to utilise the substantial reserves to balance and stabilise the market, having an authority over their currency.

National Banks: the national banks, which are an intermediary market, witness the most commercial transactions each day. Large banks do the trading for millions of dollars; while the remaining has its own traders, or investors doing the trading for the bank account.

Large Companies:  The companies that deal with the selling of products outside of the nation, form an important part of the forex markets. Even the companies that deal with importing services and products come together, the currency they transact within other nations or other currencies transaction they make all add up to the forex trading, adding up to the revenue part.

Individual investors: individuals who seek to invest and trade in forex markets form a small, yet active part. Apart from this, the individuals who travel to various nations on work travel, vacation, are active participants in the forex market.

Asset Management companies: the financial companies whose investors actively invest in forex markets form a huge group of participants, that again adds up to the transactions and revenues. This is the most active group next to government and active bodies.

Apart from all these, there are another small group of people, called as retail traders, just like you, who take part in this, using software or platforms for online trading. Learn about the various software that is legit and genuine in everything for forex trading, its straight from the source and just apt for anyone wishing to enter the forex markets and make some quick bucks.



Diversify you investments

Make sure that you diversify you investments. The trading business can look as if there is easy money to be made but this is far from the truth. These are very unreliable and if not traded with knowledge it can also wash away your capital in no time. Invest a part of your capital into ETF’s which can be traded like you would trade on any other stock. The advantage of trading ETF’s is that they are diversified and thus incase a particular sector makes a loss then that would be nullified by a gain in another sector.

Research is the key to be a successful trader and if you have no time to research then stop trading. Trading is like any other business and if you do not have the skill to run this business then there is no growth for you. In fact you also put your survivability to question then. Practice your skills and better it to be a successful trader. Read the financial reports, the newspaper and if you cannot do that then invest into the market by seeking the help of a professional.

Trade plan is something that is emphasized a lot on when you start trading in the security market. A trade plan is a step by step approach of when to enter or exit a trade. It also lets you manage your risks. The most important thing about having a trade plan is that it lets you control your emotions when trading. So have a plan and be sure that you stick to it.

Buying high in the market is something that most novice traders do. Always wait and have patience and look for a correction. It is only then that you should enter the market.

Trading is a long term investment but most new traders pull out their money as soon as they see the stock making a loss. The stock price will move in a trending and a corrective manner and you need to be patient and wait to see the stock reaches its target price.

Just reading the financial news and other trading articles online will not make you a successful trader. Visit the following site and set yourself a few months of time to practice your strategy and only when you see that your trade plan is making consistent profits for you that you should start investing. Start with a demo trading account and then switch to trading with a minimal amount of money. When you see success in both then you can trade with a bigger capital.


47,000 HIV/AIDS Victims In FCT

Presently, about 47,000 HIV/AIDS victims have registered in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Presently, about 47,000 HIV/AIDS victims have registered in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

The victims registered at 17 Comprehensive Service Centres in the Federal Capital Territory, said the project manager of FCT Agency for the Control of AIDS (FACA), Dr. Oche Okoro. The project manager revealed this recently during the celebrations of the World Aids Day in Abuja.

The trading platform is a mixture of both good and fraudulent trading platforms and there have been many victims to these fraudulent ones and they have terribly lost money to such an extent that they have quit from the trading field once for all.

This being a truth and a fact with the trading applications, is quitting the only way out and that too for those who are ardent lovers of trading? No, the first thing is they need to be very patient and have confidence in themselves and start believing that the days of fortune are not too far. And this will definitely be a truth if you decide to trade with the Fintech Ltd. This is a very profitable platform wherein there are already many successful traders. Further information and features that every trader needs to know about this trading application are:

  • The major goal of any trader is to make profits and at the same time minimize the risks. Here with the Fintech Ltd. traders will be able to minimize their risks by determining their risk factors themselves. So this way they get to minimize the losses and risks.
  • This is an automated trading platform wherein the trader will get to have his trades on an automated platform. This way he will be able to save time and effort and he will also not lose the opportunity in making profits.
  • The trading market is a very volatile and highly fluctuating market. So there cannot be constant trades or trading opportunities. This software allows the traders to safeguard their money and interests by giving them the reverse trading option. Here the traders get to call off the losing trades when they expect or foresee a loss. So this way the trader gets to play safe and sound.
  • The market keeps changing every minute. Every trader working on this platform gets access to trading signals. Trading signals are generated by the system to help the traders have a realistic study of the market and the asset they are trading on. There are graphs and charts presented for every asset that talks about their past, present and predicted future performance. This is one very important information every trader is expected to get to have a great trading experience.

These are some of the important highlights about the Fintech trading platform. The traders will get to know and enjoy more once they become a registered trader here.

Among the activities outlined for the World AIDS Day celebration is candlelight procession a motorized rally which will kick-off from FCDA, Area 11, as well as a picnic slated for Area 10 Cultural Centre.

The victims registered at 17 Comprehensive Service Centres in the Federal Capital Territory, said the project manager of FCT Agency for the Control of AIDS (FACA), Dr. Oche Okoro. The project manager revealed this recently during the celebrations of the World Aids Day in Abuja.

According to him, “FCT occupies the third position in HIV prevalence cases in Nigeria, with 9.9% which is above the national average of 4%.”

He said they are 36 ‘Heart to heart’ centres that offer free HIV/AIDS tests in the territory, adding that anyone found to be infected is documented and enrolled into FACA’s programme.

Earlier, FCT Secretary for Health and Human Services, (Mrs) Precious K. Gbeneol, said the World AIDS Days reminding is important in people that HIV has not gone away as well as for stakeholders to ensure that the promise is kept on universal access to HIV treatment care support prevention services. She stressed that in line with this year’s theme: Universal access and Human Rights, the present administration is determined to reverse the HIV/AIDS trend in the FCT.”

Among the activities outlined for the World AIDS Day celebration are candlelight procession a motorized rally which will kick-off from FCDA, Area 11, as well as a picnic slated for Area 10 Cultural Centre.


HBswiss and its key features

Make money the easy way is the new mantra for being financially satisfied. The smart way to make profits is from the trading market, but playing with this financial market is an art. This art gets best with practice. There are many mediums of trading online and offline, the online methods going all popular there are some of the best ways to be the master of forex trading.

Making of the HBswiss and its key features

Hbswiss is one such forex robot introduced by Hans Berger a Swiss national who along with his friend Bastian Hermann. Hans was specialized in technology and finance, being a team leader of a trading team of the biggest investment banks in Switzerland. He got the idea of automating what his traders required when he met his friend Hermann and they together formulated this Hbswiss software for forex trading.

Along with the team of challenging professionals Hans and Hermann came up with a one-click profit machine which allows overturning the terms of algorithmic training. This software is formulated with high speed of calculations and trade execution. It is built with quantum computing models and is from the base of Grover and Shor’s algorithms and the Black-Scholes-Merton equations which are the keys to online investments for several years.

The combo of quantum computing models and algorithms allow this trading robot to achieve huge accuracy rate. With this support system even, beginners in trading find it very easy to register and trade to their heart’s content.

How to use the software

You can get a complete glimpse of what and how of this entire process. You can learn the facts from here now, also some interesting points which makes this robot a unique one are:

  1. Free registration – just submit your details and make a reservation to open your account with HBswiss.
  2. Minimum trading balance- you can have a balance as low as 250 Euros. This not any payment as HBswiss is a free software. This amount is free to you for investing in forex trading.
  3. Set and start autopilot- you have access to many risk control settings which optimize your profitability. Once done you need to press the Auto-Trade button and the software begins to scan, calculate and invest.


Customer Service

Though there is an option of the automated setting to access the risk involved in this trading method,  there is the availability of constant and helpful customer service as well. The assistance team members of HBswiss are polite, helpful and are ready to

Definitely a great choice, if you wish to trade online and on autopilot. It is highly recommended that the HBSwiss, is a new and qualitative software assuring high returns at amendable accuracy rates. It tops with a secure trading environment and is a best option for traders in this era.

Council To Enact Law On Bride Price

Jakusko Local Government Council has revealed its plan to enact a bye-law that would fix the maximum bride price to be paid in the area.

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Process to sign-up:

The process of signing-up is easy and will be completed in few steps which are very easy and if you start one step then it will navigate to other steps. The first step will be opening their official page and it will ask you for basic details like name, e-mail address and telephone number for process of verification and once this process is done you will get an external link to trader’s inbox, by clicking on it process will be done then trader can fund his account with initial deposit and start to trade. Auto-pilot mode will work continuously round clock and will not make any emotional decisions so there won’t be any loss due to it. There are three characters that will make this robot different from other robots available in market they are:

  • User can see his complete investment history whenever he wanted to see.
  • One can easily monitor movements of increase or decrease in the value of asset that will help trader to make right decision.
  • Risk management can be done by adjusting various parameters so that you can make sure that your funds are safe.

The chairman of the council, Alhaji Saleh Nadir Amshe, made the revelation recently, while speaking in an interview with Leadership. He said the law became necessary when the council observed that youths were being discouraged from getting married because of the exorbitant bride price charged by parents of prospective brides. He said the council would also enact another bye-law banning travelling with weapons which he said was aimed at reducing crime in the area. He advised youths in the area to be law-abiding and desist from drug abuse. He appealed to aggrieved members of the ANPP in the area to join hands with the administration of Governor Ibrahim Gaidam and his deputy, Engr. Abubakar D. Aliyu, in its efforts to touch their lives through the provision of dividends of democracy.